Bio chapter 8

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  1. Where is the chlorophyll located ina plant?
    b.Plasma membrane of the cell
    c.Outer membrane of the chloroplast
    d.Thylakoid membrane
    d thylakoid membrane
  2. A particle of light is a____.
    a. wave
    b Grana
    c. Photon
    d. Proton
    e. Newton
    C. photon
  3. Visible light has wavelengths from ___ nm- ___ nm
  4. When light hits matter, it can be
    • reflected
    • absorbed
    • transmitted
  5. Chlorophyll absorbs ___ and ___ light
    red and blue
  6. Excited electrons are usually unstable and emit energy as
    • light
    • heat
  7. Measure light with...
  8. The action spectrum gives a more accurate picture of what is going on than just the...
    absorption spectrum, how much photosynthesis is produced
  9. Photoexcitation of Chlorophyll
    When a molecule absorbes a photon, the molecule's electron is...
    shifted to a higher orbital ( more potential energy)
  10. A photon can be absorbed ___ if its energy is ____ the same as the energy it takes for the e- to go from ground state to excited state
    only, exactly
  11. Where is the chlorophyll located in a plant?
    A. outer membrane of the chlorplast
    B. plasma membrane
    C. stroma
    D. cristae
    E. thylakoid membrane
    E. thylakoid membrane
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  12. Atrazine is a chemical that blocks the electron from leaving photosystem II. What would be the immediate effect on the plant?
    A.Prevent photon absorption
    B.Blocks carbon dioxide absorption
    C.Prevents ATP synthesis
    D.Blocks electron harvesting from water
    e. None of the above
    D. blocks electron harvesting from water
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  13. Where Is the oxygen produced during photosynthesis?
    A. in the thylakoid
    B. in the sroma
    C. on the cristae
    D. in the matrix
    E. between the chlorophyll membrane
    A. In the thylakoid
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  14. What is the function of Rubisco?
    A. chemiosmosis
    B. carbon fixation
    C. reduction of NADP+
    D. absorption of photon energy
    E. harvesting electrons from water
    B. Carbon fixation
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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