GD week 1

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  1. advertising
    • the generation and creation of specific visual and verbal messages constructed to
    • inform, persuade, promote, provoke, or motivate people on behalf of a brand or
    • group.
  2. branding
    the entire development process of creating a brand, brand name, and visual identity, among other applications.
  3. corporate communication design
    • involves any visual communication applications to communicate internally with
    • employees, create materials for a sales force or other employees, as well as
    • applications used by a corporation or organization to communicate externally with
    • other businesses, the public, stockholders, and customers.
  4. environmental design
    • promotion, information, or identity design in constructed or natural environments,
    • defining and marking interior and exterior commercial, cultural, residential, and
    • natural environments.
  5. identity design
    • involves the creation of a systematic visual and verbal program intended to
    • establish a consistent visual appearance and personality—a coordinated
    • overarching identity—for a brand or group; also called brand identity.
  6. information design
    • a highly specialized area of design that involves making large amounts of
    • complex information clear and accessible to audiences.
  7. interactive or experience design
    • graphic design and advertising for screen-based media; also called experience
    • design.
  8. lettering
    • the drawing of letterforms by hand (as opposed to type generated on a
    • computer).
  9. motion graphics
    • time-based visual communication that integrates visuals, typography, and audio;
    • created using film, video, and computer software; including animation, television
    • commercials, film titles, promotional, and informational applications for broadcast
    • media and new media.
  10. package design
    • the complete strategic planning and designing of the form, structure, and
    • appearance of a product’s package, which functions as casing, promotes a
    • brand, presents information, and becomes a brand experience.
  11. promotional design
    • intended to introduce, promote, or sell brands (products and services), ideas,
    • or events and to introduce or promote groups, not-for-profit organizations, and
    • social causes.
  12. publication design
    • involves the design of editorial content for print or screen; also called editorial
    • design and book design.
  13. typographic design
    • a highly specialized area of graphic design focusing on the creation and design of
    • letterforms, typefaces, and type treatments.
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