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  1. What must be done prior to transferring to a wheelchair
    Lock the wheels
  2. Which chair has larger wheels in front then the back?
  3. What are the different types of wheelchairs
    standard, heavy duty(bariatric), junior, growing, child/youth, indoor, hemiplegic, amputee, one hand drive, externally powered, sports/recreational, reclining, transport, tilt in space
  4. What type of wheelchair has two hand rims on one side?
    one hand drive
  5. What are standard wheelchair measurements?
    • seat height 19.5 - 20.5"
    • seat depth  16"
    • seat width  18"
    • back height 16 - 16.5"
    • armrest height above seat, must take seat cushion into consideration
  6. What are wheelchairs used for?
    transportation, mobility, support, safety, stabilization
  7. What type of wheelchair has a rear axle that sits 2" further back then a standard chair and why?
    Amputee wheelchair, to compensate for loss of weight
  8. What type of chair has a capacity of 250 Lb or greater?
  9. Why is a hemiplegic wheelchair seat 2" lower than a standard chair?
    to allow for foot propulsion
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