1. What is PROM Passive range of motion?
    Movement of joint or body segment by a force external to the body.
  2. What is the difference between PROM and passive stretching?
    There should be no increase in joint range with PROM, with passive stretching the goal is to increase the restricted joint.What is AROM Active Range of Motion?Movement of a joint or body segment produced by active voluntary muscle contraction by the patient within unrestricted normal ROM.
  3. What is AAROM Active Assistive ROM?
    Form of active exercise whereby an external force is used to assist the patient to perform the exercise with voluntary muscle contraction to the extent that they are able
  4. What are some goals for ROM Exercises?
    Enhance metabolic& physiological function or capacity of muscle.Maintain/improve ROM.Enhance efficiency of cardiopulmonary system
  5. What are some additional affects of ROM Exercises?
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Joint flexibility
    • Coordination
  6. What are some passive exercise indications?
    • Paralysis
    • comatose
    • painful muscle contractions
    • recovery from trauma
    • Post surgery
    • Unhealed fracture
    • Avoid cardiopulmonary stress
  7. When is passive exercise contraindicated?
    When it increases patients symptoms, intensifies the condition or when patient is capable of active exercise
  8. What are benefits of passive exercise?
    Preserves/maintain ROMMinimize contracture & adhesionformationMaintain mechanical elasticity of musclePromote local circulationPromote awareness of joint motion(proprioception)Evaluation of ROM, stability, flexibility, and muscle toneEnhance Cartilage nutritionInhibit/ reduce pain
  9. What are some PROM limitations?
    Won't prevent muscle atrophy, reduce adipose tissue, increase muscle tone, strength or endurance. Not as effective as active exercise for circulation maintenance
  10. What is soft end feel?
    When soft tissue is compressed such as knee or elbow flexion.
  11. What is firm end feel?
    Joint capsule or ligament is stretched like hip rotation.
  12. What is hard end feel?
    When bony block is reached like elbow extension
  13. What is empty end feel?
    No end feel is achieved cause of pain.
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