Tech-Special Procedures(Bone Marrow Aspiration)

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  1. The basic indication for bone marrow aspiration
    answer questions that a routine hematology can't answer
  2. Other indications:NLTPSH
    • nonregenerative anemias
    • leukopenia
    • thrombocytopenia
    • pancytopenia
    • suspected hematopoietic tumors (plasma cells+lymphoma)
    • hyperglobulinemia
  3. Accessible sites:ppw
    • proximal humerus
    • proximal femur
    • wing of ilium
  4. When is the wing of the ilium not used?
    dogs less than 25lbs and cats
  5. How is the crest of the ilium approached?
    dorsal crest or lateral face
  6. VTNE question:Where is the majority of red marrow produced?
    pelvis and sternum
  7. 2 most common needle types:RI
    • rosenthal needles
    • illinois sternal-iliac
  8. Dogs need what?
    lidocaine/local anesthesia
  9. Clip hair, aseptically prepare, wear sterile gloves, make an incision through the skin and how is needle put into the bone?
    by rotating the needle
  10. What size syringe is used?
    12-20 ml
  11. Why are only small drops placed onto slides?
    marrow clots rapidly
  12. Only a small amount of marrow is aspirated in the first place because large amounts...
    dilute with peripheral blood
  13. Larger amounts can be placed in what?
    EDTA tubes
  14. What can be picked out with a needle or pipette?
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