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  1. A combination of the Current Death Program and Graves Registration Program, is called?
    Concurrent Return Program
  2. What program provides for the search recovery evacuation to a temporary cemetery or mortuary?
    Graves Registration Program (GR or GRREG)
  3. Who provides help to the PNOK and SNOK with problems surrounding the death of an active duty?
    The CACO casualty assistance calls officer
  4. Who administers the CACP casualty assistance calls program for the NAVY?
  5. Who administers the CACP casualty assistance calls program for the Marine Corps?
    The CMC (Commandant of Marine Corps)
  6. Primary Next Of Kin order:
    Legal Spouse, Eldest Child over age of majority, father or mother, eldest brother or sister, other blood relatives
  7. When a DD 2063 will not be filled?
    when the deceased member's family makes all arrangements for care and disposition of remains.
  8. Where are the Navy mortuaries outside the 48 states of us?
    US Naval Hospital (Guam, Naples and Guantanamo bay)
  9. To minimize cellular deterioration remains should be kept refrigerated at?
    30-40 deg F or 2.2-4.4 deg C
  10. What must accompany the remains inside the transfer case?
    certificate of death DD2064
  11. WHat determines the manner in which preservation is to be accomplished ?
    the condition of remains and cause of death.
  12. true or false a appropriate uniform will be placed symmetrically on top of the mutilated remains?
  13. safety pins will be placed how far from each other when securing mutilated remains?
    8 inchs or 20 cm appart
  14. how should you mark the transfer case or gasket when death as result of communicable disease?
    with a gummed label 2inch by 4inch make contagious
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