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    • Internal abdominal oblique action
    • Compress abdomen (exhalation)
  1. Splenius origin
    Cranial border of thoracolumbar fascia, spines of first 3 thoracic vertebrae, entire median raphe of neck
  2. Splenius insertion
    Nuchal crest and mastoid part of the temporal bone
  3. Splenius action
    Extend the cervical part of the vertebral column
  4. Complexus origin
    Cervical vertebrae
  5. Complexus insertion
    Nuchal crest
  6. Complexus action
    Extends the head
  7. Biventer cervicis origin
    Thoracic vertebrae
  8. Biventer cervicis insertion
    Caudal surface of the skull
  9. Biventer cervicis action
    Extend the head
  10. Longissimus capitis action
    Extend the vertebral column/head
  11. Longissimus thoracis et lumborum action
    Extend the vertebral column
  12. Iliocostalis lumborum action
    Extend the lumbar part of the vertebral column
  13. Iliocostalis thoracis action
    Extend the thoracic part of the vertebral column
  14. Longissiumus cervicis action
    Extend the cervical vertebrae
  15. Transversus abdominis action
    Abdominal compression
  16. Rectus abdominis action
    Flexes thoracolumbar part of the vertebral column
  17. Internal intercostal attachments
    Cranial border of one rib to caudal border of the rib in front; fibers run cranioventrally
  18. Internal intercostal action
    Draw ribs together for inspiration, overall effect depends on fixation of rib cage
  19. External intercostal attachments
    Caudal border of one rib to cranial border of the rib behind; fibers run caudoventrally
  20. External intercostal action
    Draw ribs together for inspiration, overall effect depends on fixation of rib cage
  21. Longus colli origin
    Vertebral bodies/transverse processes of vertebra from the 6th thoracic cranially
  22. Longus colli insertion
  23. Longus colli action
    Flex the vertebral column
  24. Scalenus origin
    First few ribs
  25. Scalenus insertion
    Transverse processes of cervical vertebrae
  26. Scalenus action
  27. Longus capitis origin
    Transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae
  28. Longus capitis insertion
    Muscular tubercle on the ventral surface of the basioccipital bone of the skull
  29. Longus capitis action
    Flex the cervical part of the vertebral column
  30. Serratus dorsalis caudalis origin
    Aponeurosis from thoracolumbar fascia
  31. Serratis dorsalis caudalis
    Caudal borders of last 3 ribs
  32. Serratus dorsalis caudalis action
    Draws last three ribs caudally in expiration
  33. Serratus dorsalis cranialis origin
    Broad aponeurosis from tendinous raphe of the neck and thoracic spines
  34. Serratus dorsalis cranialis insertion
    Craniolateral proximal portions of the ribs
  35. Serratus dorsalis cranialis action
    Lifts the ribs for inspiration
  36. External abdominal oblique action
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