History Test

  1. Condemned standard oil co
    Ida tarbell
  2. Exposed corruption of city govs
    Lincoln Steffens
  3. Poverty in the cities
    Jacob Riis
  4. Politics:
    3 Topics
    • Voting Reforms
    • Boss Tweed
    • 17th Amendment
  5. Politics:(1)
    Voting Reforms
    • Secret ballot:
    • -eliminates voter intimidation and there is more privacy
  6. Politics:(3)
    17th Amendment
    • -gives citizens a more direct role in the gov.
    • -direct election of senators
  7. Politics:(2)
    Boss Tweed
    -Nast draws a picture of Boss tweed an d makes his stance look harsh. Boss Tweed is taking everyone's money and it shows how corrupt he is.
  8. Business:
    3 Topics
    • Pennsylvania Coal Miner Strike
    • Health Consumer Laws
    • Workplace Regulations
  9. Business:(1)
    Pennsylvania Coal Miner Strike
    • -American of Federation of Labor represented the skilled workers and was created by Samuel Gambers
    • -they got a 10% raise
    • -9 hour work day
    • -Arbitration it was the first time, the federal gov intervened in a strike to protect workers
  10. Business: (2)
    Health Consumer Laws
    • Upton Sinclair exposed the unsanitary process by which animals become meat
    • Meat Inspection Act meat that was going to be shipped had to be inspected
    • Pure Food and Drug Act (labels with ingredients)
  11. Business: (3)
    Work Place Regulations
    • TSWFF
    • Fire alarms, fire escapes, outward opening doors, and clearly marked exits
  12. Society:
    3 Topics
    • Tenement Act of 1901
    • Waste Disposal
    • Fire and Police Departments
  13. Society: (1)
    Tenement Act of 1901
    Lightning in hallways and 1 bathroom for 2 families.
  14. Society: (2)
    Waste Disposal
    There was no garbage disposal and this led to sanitation issues so waste disposal teams were organized
  15. Society: (3)
    Fire/Police Departments
    Many poor residents led to lots of crime and there was no one to go to for emergencies. Fire/Police Departments were organized.
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