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  1. Which layer of the heart is responsible for the pumping action of the heart?
  2. The left ventricle is responsible for what?
    Systemic circulation
  3. What is the system called where the blood travels through the entire body?
    Systemic circulation
  4. Which circulatory system feeds heart?
    Coronary circulation
  5. What is the func of the AV node?
    Slows the electrical impulse, check module for exact wording
  6. What is atherosclerosis?
    Disease involving the accumulation of lipids in the arteries causing narrowing
  7. Stenosis?
    Narrowing of blood vessels (not sure I heard this right)
  8. What are the different types of angina?
    Pectoris, unstable, atypical, define each
  9. Symptoms of angina?
    Chest pain, shortness of breath
  10. Most dangerous AV block?
    3rd or complete
  11. Least threatening AV block?
    1st degree
  12. Basic principle behind Spect MPI?
    Perfusion images are different between rest and stress
  13. Is Lexiscan capable of producing bronchoconstriction?
  14. % of pts exp 1st AV block with Lexi?
  15. Has Lexiscan been tested in pts taking other heart meds?
    Pts were on those meds but those meds weren’t evaluated
  16. Renal: How was it measured?
  17. What is the GFR range of pts studied?
    15-59 (stage 3 and 4)
  18. Aminophylline dose?
  19. Which adeno receptors most associated with bronchoconstriction?
    A2B and A3
  20. Study: how many pts in asthma/copd trial?
  21. Incidence of resp AE’s?
    Higher with Lexi, as expected because Lexi causes dyspnea
  22. Dialysis?
    Not been accessed
  23. Hepatically impaired patients?
    No adjustment needed for….
  24. What foods have caffeine?
  25. What class is caffeine in?
  26. What are some of the most common AE’s to Lexiscan?
    Dyspnea, HA, flushing
  27. How is Lexi packaged? How many ml’s?
    Single dose, prefilled 5ml syring
  28. In the Adenoscan pi, contraindicated for what?
  29. Adeno : what % of pts heart block may occur in?
  30. Adenoscan T1/2?
    10 sec
  31. What % of AE’s occur later?
    10.6% for several hours
  32. Rescue med?
  33. Recommended dose of Adenoscan?
    140mcg/kg/min for 6min
  34. Lexi – high, med, low affinity for A2a?
    • A1 affinity of Lexi vs. Adeno?
    • Lower by 10x
  35. Lexi has? Affinity for A2B and A3?
    Weak in any
  36. Peak velocity, increase 2 fold in ? minutes
    1 minute
  37. Return to baseline?
    10 min
  38. Aggrenox, dipyridamole, how long must they abstain?
  39. Reimbursement code:
  40. Physician office reimbursement?
    ASP +6%
  41. Lexi Infusion time?
    Approx. 10 sec
  42. How much reg in a syringe?
  43. If pts with caffeine?
    Reduction in the efficacy of detecting ischemic defects reversible
  44. How many billable units?
  45. How do you measure asthmatics?
    FEV, forced expiratory volume
  46. Goals of txing established?
    Ease symptoms, reduce the risk of MI
  47. In PI, should you have appropriate resuscitative measures available?
  48. When office councils pt with copd/asthma. Can they have resp therapy before?
  49. What does pt info say about pts w/ COPD/Asthma?
    Patients with COPD or asthma should be informed to discuss their respiratory history and administration of pre and post-study bronchodilator therapy with their clinician before scheduling an MPI study with Lexiscan.
  50. How did Lexi compare to adeno efficacy in the package insert…?
    Very similar
  51. Is Lexi approved for use in LBBB?
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