USU 1350

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  1. Evolution
    Change in gene frequency of a population over time in response to the enviroment
  2. genotype
    genetic makeup
  3. phenotype
    physical expression of genotype
  4. Natural Selection
    • Populations have genetic variation
    • Enviroment is selective force on individuals
  5. Mitosis
    Makes new cells
  6. Meiosis
    2 cells makes new individual
  7. adaptation
    • ability of individual to be successful relative to environment
    • measured by reproductive output
    • relative to environment
  8. Evolution is a fact
    • Facts can change
    • Data
    • Not absolute certainty
  9. Evolution is a theory
    Structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts
  10. Evolution is
    • heritable change (not individual and over generations)
    • not directed at a goal of better organisms
  11. Speciation
    changing of certain species into other species over time
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