EELB312 - Midterm 1

  1. Multicultural edu supports what FIVE things?
    • diversity
    • culture
    • democracy
    • social justice
    • equality
  2. students of color now compromise __% of all students in public US schools
  3. schools are diverse in THREE ways...
    • ethnically
    • racially
    • religiously
  4. cultural factors impact student _____ & _____
    • learning
    • behavior
  5. FOUR characteristics of culture:
    • learned
    • an adaptation
    • shared
    • dynamic
  6. culture is manifested through what THREE things?
    • values
    • language
    • nonverbal language
  7. ethnocentric individuals see their own traits as...
    superior to others
  8. an attempt to understand other cultural systems in the context of their own cultural beliefs....
    cultural relativism
  9. understanding your own culture -->
    understanding others
  10. WASP stands for...
    white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant
  11. Who is considered the dominant culture?
  12. his or her own master with a goal of self-actualization
  13. defined as cultural groups differ from our own...
  14. defined as when someone adopts/changes their dominant culture
  15. assimilation is _____ & ______
    • structural
    • involuntary
  16. functioning separately and equally w/out requiring any assimilation into the dominant society...
    cultural pluralism
  17. maintaining unique cultural identities while participating equally in dominant culture
  18. cultural identity is ____ & _____ across ____
    fluid and shifts across time
  19. what TWO concepts are fundamental
    • equality
    • individualism
  20. belief in social, political, and economic equal rights
  21. inequalities are the natural outcome of individual differences...
  22. equal education opportunities applies the concept of ....
  23. adopt dominant group's cultural patterns without losing original cultural traits
  24. policy favoring assimilated ethnic groups in a country over immigrants
  25. endogamy is
    marriage within an ethnic group
  26. who are indentified as political and military geniuses of the world
    nordic race
  27. law that prevents white interracial marriage
  28. state-mandated seperation of people by race
    DEJURE segregation
  29. separation of race by choice
    DE FACTO segregation
  30. AYP stands for
    adequate yearly progress
  31. what is AYP based on?
    student achievement/performance
  32. sense of peoplehood based on national origin
  33. view that one's class level makes one superior to members of classes perceived to be below one's own
  34. monitor students in groups/classes based on intellectual abilities (common edu. practice)
  35. ranks indivduals and families based on income, education, occupation, etc
    social stratification
  36. what determines a person's SES?
    wealth and power
  37. what enhances someone's SES?
  38. when women are assigned to tradtional roles...patriarchal society...
    institutional discrimination
  39. immigrants who were white could become US citizens after several yrs of residency
    1790 naturalization act
  40. annual immigrant quotas that favored immigrants from Western Europe
    Johnson-Reed Act
  41. all immigrants are required to pass literacy test
    Dillingham Commission
  42. expanded immigration by allowing visas to people born in Europe
    Immigration Reform and Control Act
  43. legal immigrants are in 4 categories
    • lottery
    • refugees
    • employer requests
    • family sponsorship
  44. right to seek public education
    Plyer v. Doe
  45. banned discrimination and gave voting rights to millions
    Civil Rights Act
  46. desegregated schools
    Brown v. Board of Edu
  47. target areas with economic and racial change
    hate groups
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