Cat Muscles - Actions

  1. Clavotrapezius
    flexes forearm, turns head and extends humerus foreword
  2. Acromiotrapezius
    draw scapula medially and holds scapulae together
  3. Spinotrapezius
    draw scapula dorsally and posteriorly
  4. latissimus dorsi
    pulls humerus caudodorsally
  5. Levator scapulae ventralis
    draws scapula cranially
  6. Acromiodeltoid
    extends and rotates humerus
  7. Spinodeltoid
    extends and rotates humerus
  8. spinodeltoid
    extends and rotates humerus
  9. clavobrachialis
    flexes forearm, turns head, and extends humerus forward
  10. rhomboideus
    draw vertebral border of scapula medial
  11. rhomboideus capitis
    draw dorsal border of scapula cranially (forward)
  12. Supraspinatus
    extend arm (draws humerus anteriorly)
  13. Infraspinatus
    flex and rotate humerus laterally
  14. Teres major
    flexes and rotates humerus
  15. Teres minor
    rotates humerus laterally
  16. subscapularis
    draws humerus medially (adductor)
  17. sternomastoid
    turn head, depress head and neck
  18. sternohyoid
    draw hyoid caudally
  19. digastric
    depress mandible
  20. mylohyoid
    raise floor of mouth, draw hyoid posteriorly
  21. masseter
    elevates mandible
  22. temporalis
    elevates mandible
  23. cleidomastoid
    rotates head, depress snout or draw clavicle
  24. serratus dorsalis cranialis
    draws ribs forward and outward
  25. serratus dorsalis caudalis
    draws ribs caudally
  26. Pectoantebrachialis
    adducts forelimb
  27. Pectoralis major
    adducts forelimb
  28. Pectoralis minor
    adducts forelimb
  29. Xiphihumeralis
    adducts forelimb
  30. serratus ventralis
    depresses scapula
  31. levator scapulae
    depress scapula and support chest
  32. external intercostal
    protracts ribs
  33. external oblique
    constricts abdomen
  34. internal oblique abdomen
  35. transverse abdominis
    constricts abdomen
  36. rectus abdominis
    compress abdomen, flex spine
  37. epitrochlearis
    assists triceps in forearm extension
  38. Biceps brachii
    flex antibrachium, supinate hand
  39. Triceps long
    forearm extension at elbow
  40. triceps lateral
    extend forearm at elbow
  41. triceps medial
    extend forearm at elbow
  42. brachialis
    flexes forearm
  43. brachioradialis
    rotates radius and supinator of foot
  44. sartorius
    adducts and rotates thigh, extension of tibia
  45. gracilis
    leg adduction, draws leg caudally
  46. semimembranosus
    extension of thigh (two heads)
  47. adductor femoris
    extend and adduct thigh
  48. adductor longis
    extends and adducts thigh
  49. iliopsoas
    flexion of thigh, lateral rotation of femur
  50. pectineus
    adducts thigh
  51. rectus femoris
    extend leg and flex thigh
  52. vastus medialis
    extend leg
  53. tensor fasciae latae
    tightens fascia latae and draws thigh cranially
  54. biceps femoris
    abducts thigh and flexes leg
  55. semitendinosus
    flexes leg and extends thigh
  56. caudofemoralis
    abducts thigh and extends leg
  57. gluteus maximus
    abducts thigh
  58. gluteus medius
    abducts thigh
  59. vastus lateralis
    extends leg
  60. gastrocnemius
    extends foot
  61. soleus
    extends foot
  62. plantaris
    flexes 2nd phalanges and extends foot
  63. flexor digitorum longus
    flexes terminal phalanges
  64. flexor halluces longus
    flexes terminal phalanges
  65. tibialis posterior
    extension of foot
  66. peroneus longus
    flexes foot
  67. peroneus tertius 5th
    digit, flexes foot
  68. peroneus brevis
    extends foot
  69. tibialis anterior
    flexes foot
  70. extensor digitorum longus
    extends phalanges and foot
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