inHealth History

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  1. inHealth is?
    Our National Advertising team based in Atlanta
  2. When was it founded?
  3. By whom?
    Vestar Capital Partners under the leadership of Brad Graner
  4. What did inHealth focus on?
    Providing best-in-market editorial solutions to consumers and national pharmaceutical advertisers
  5. What do the advertising companies able to do with inHealth?
    Opportunity to market their brand's message to right audience.
  6. What are the top publisher partners inHealth works with?
    About, CNN, MSN, and HG
  7. What year did the inHealth team merge with HG?
  8. What did HG add to inHealth during the merge?
    Display media from HG owned-and-operated sites and increased types of advertising solutions to health advertisers and marketers.
  9. Today, what is the National Sales team focused on?
    40% year-over-year revenue growth by providing national advertisers with the opportunity to reach the HG consumer
  10. As a division as HG, inHealth is lead by who?
    Brad Graner, the President of the National Advertising team.
  11. How many members are employed in inHealth?
    About 44 members, majority living in Atlanta
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