ADP 3-07 / ADRP 3-07 – Stability

  1. What ADP/ADRP covers Stability?
    ADP/ADRP 3-07.
  2. What is Stabilization?
    Stabilization is a process in which personnel identify and mitigate underlying sources of instability to establish the conditions for long-term stability.
  3. What is the focus of stability tasks?
    • Identifying and targeting the root causes of instability.
    • Building the capacity of local institutions.
  4. What are sources of instability?
    • Decreased support for the government based on what locals actually expect of their government.
    • Increased support for anti-government elements.
    • The undermining of the normal functioning of society where the emphasis must be on a return to the established norms.
  5. What are Stability tasks?
    Stability tasks are tasks conducted as part of operations outside the US in coordination with other instruments of national power to maintain or reestablish a safe and secure environment and provide essential governmental services, emergency infrastructure reconstruction, and humanitarian relief.
  6. What are the principles that lay the foundation for long-term stability?
    • Conflict transformation.
    • Unity of effort.
    • Legitimacy and host-nation ownership.
    • Building partner capacity.
  7. What is a line of effort?
    A line of effort is a line that links multiple tasks using the logic of purpose rather than geographical reference to focus efforts toward establishing operational and strategic conditions.
  8. What is a decisive point?
    A decisive point is a geographic place, specific key event, critical factor, or function that, when acted upon, allows commanders to gain a marked advantage over an adversary or contribute materially to achieving success.
  9. What is a stability mechanism?
    A stability mechanism is the primary method through which friendly forces affect civilians in order to attain conditions that support establishing a lasting, stable peace.
  10. What is a defeat mechanism?
    A defeat mechanism is the method through which friendly forces accomplish their mission against enemy opposition.
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