Physical Ed - Anxiety

  1. Stress
    Non specific response of the body to any demand made.
  2. Positive - EUStress

    Wanted by the performer to text their ability, and provides an adrenaline rush.

    • + Can enhance performance
    • + Can boost conifdence levels

  3. Negative - Anxiety
    Can lead to over arousal, hindering performance

    Can be cognitive or somatic anxiety
  4. Cognitive Anxiety
    Performers will experience lack of concentration, feelings of apprehension and failure.
  5. Somatic Anxiety
    Performers suffer from sweating, muscle tension, nausea and increase HR.
  6. Causes of stress
    • .Nature of the game
    • .Fear of injury
    • .Importance of event.
    • .Status of opposition
    • .Extrinsic rewards
    • .Climate
    • .Frustration
    • .Nature of the crowd
  7. Hans Selye(1956) Theory
    Suggested what ever the stressor, everyone goes through a physiological reaction.
  8. Alarmed reaction stage
    • .Stressor occurs
    • .Sympathetic Branch activated
    • .Causes fight or flight
  9. Resistance stage
    Homeostasis - resists the effect of the sympathetic nervous system
  10. Exhaustion stage
    • If homeostasis can not be achieved this will cause:
    • .Heart diseases
    • .Stomach ulcers
    • .High blood pressure
  11. 3 Additional types of anxiety
    • Trait anxiety
    • State anxiety
    • Competitive trait anxiety
  12. Trait Anxiety
    Individuals personality varies in sitatuions
  13. State Anxiety
    Occurs in particular situations and can change through out an activity
  14. Competitive trait anxiety
    When the performer perceives a competitive situation as threatening, responding with feelings of apprehension and tension.
  15. 3  Measurements of stress levels
    • Observation
    • Bio Feedback
    • Self response questionnaires
  16. Observation
    Individual: Fidgeting, change of speech

    Aspects of performance: accuracy and reactions
  17. Bio Feedback
    Physiological changes: Hr, muscles responses, respiration rate and sweat production.
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Physical Ed - Anxiety
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