Bill Cates

  1. VIPS - Value
    S - Bob I was wondering if you could tells me the parts of the process that you found most valuable?

    S - One of the issues you brought up was ____. How do you feel about that now?

    S - You know, if it wasn't for George suggesting we meet we wouldn't have done this important work together. I guess we owe him thanks.
  2. VIPS - Important question
    S - With that in mind Bob, I have a very important question to ask you.
  3. VIPS - Permission to brainstorm
    S - I was hoping to get your permission to brainstorm for a couple of minutes about you know who may value the work that I do. Could we do that for a couple of minutes?

    P - I am not sure who I know

    S - That is fine. We are just brainstorming here.
  4. VIPS - Suggest specific names
    Last week you mentioned _____. Lets start with him. Do you feel that they could potentially benefit from the work that I do?
  5. VIPS - Suggest categories
    Thanks Bob. I know that you are very active in your industry association. In fact, I think you said you were on the board of directors. Who do you think might spend a couple minutes with me just because you asked them to?
  6. VIPS - Suggest Ideal Client Profile
    Thanks Bob. Here is a profile of the types of people that I have discovered I serve best. People much the same as you actually.You'll see the first attribute is people who value the importance of professional advice. I don't expect you to know all the details of someone's financial situation, but you probably have a sense.
  7. VIPS - My hit list
    Thank you for the referral to Mary. Before I go I wanted to show you a list of people I was planning on calling. I thought if you knew any of them, and feel comfortable, I could mention your name when I called. Can we look at this for a second?
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