Chemistry Final Exam 2013

  1. Quantity of a substance that has a mass in grams numerically equal to its formula mass, equal to 6.02x1023 representative particle.
  2. May be ion, atom, molecule or formula mass.
    Representative particle
  3. Study of quantitative and measurement that exists in chemical formulas and chemical equation
  4. How to convert mass to moles
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  5. convert 7.2 (x)moles to (y)moles
    given: 7x -> 5y
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  6. Boyle's law formula
    Image Upload 3 or Image Upload 4
  7. Charle's law formula
    Image Upload 5 or Image Upload 6
  8. The product of pressure and volume is directly proportional
    Combine Gas Law
  9. Formula of Combine Gas Law
    Image Upload 7 or VImage Upload 8
  10. Ideal Gas Law equation
  11. the rate of diffusion of various gases is inversely proportional to the square root of their respective densities or molecular weight.
    Image Upload 9           where r1 is always lighter than r2
  12. State that the sum of the partial pressure of all the components in a gas mixture is equal to the total pressure of the gas mixture
    Dalton's law of partial pressure
  13. Dalton's law of partial pressure formula
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  14. Homogenous mixture made of solute and solvent
  15. Substance being dissolved; substances in lesser amount
  16. Substances that does the dissolving; substances in greater amount
  17. Greater amount of solute that solvent
  18. Factors that affect solution
    • 1. Particle size
    • 2. Temperature
    • 3. Rate of stirring
  19. 6 ways of expressing the concentration of solution
    • mass percent
    • volume percent
    • molarity (M)
    • molality (m)
    • mole fraction (x)
    • normality (N)
  20. Mass percent fomrula
  21. Volume percent formula
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