color list 2

  1. successive contrast
    the color phenomena observed when differently colored areas are viewed one after the other, as in looking at a white area after staring at a red one. if the initial image is highly saturated, its complement may seem to appear in the second area
  2. bezold effect
    the possibility of changing a design considerable by simply changing one of its colors, discovered by rug maker wilhelm von bezold in the 19th century
  3. ground subtraction
    an optical illusion of hue, value, and saturation. it intensifies distinctions between colors that have hues in common, though in different proportions. any ground subtracts its own qualities from its partner, and the differences between them are intensified
  4. simultaneous contrast
    an optical illusion of both value and hue. when referring to hue it is called chromatic simultaneous contrast, which is a color illusion that occurs when an observer views a hue surrounded by neutral areas. these areas will assume a hue that is complementary to the observed color
  5. transparency effect
    the painted or printed illusion that one film of color is lying over another color
  6. four-color process
    in printing, a technique for reproducing colored images by separating them into the primaries cyan, magenta, yellow and black and printing each color from a separate plate. often referred to as c, m, y and k
  7. chromotherapy
    the use of colored light for healing purposes
  8. synesthesia
    the ability to gather sense perceptions from perceptual systems not usually associated with them, such as hearing colors
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