Rancho los Amigos

  1. Completely unresponsive to ANY stimuli
    I: No response
  2. Patient reacts inconsistently and nonspecifically to stimuli
    II: generalized response
  3. Reacts inconsistently but Specifically to stimuli
    III: localized response
  4. In a heightened state of activity.
    Bizarre and nonpurposeful behavior.
    Recall and attn span are poor.
    IV: confused / agitated
  5. Able to respond to simple commands ONLY
    Memory impaired
    Verbalization is inappropriate
    V: confused/ inappropriate
  6. Dependent on external input but can perform consistently.
    Memory is improved
    VI: confused appropriate
  7. Can perfo automatically AND appropriately in structured enviro.
    Judgement still impaired
    VII: automatic appropriate
  8. Acts appropriately but not perfect.
    May have probs in stressful or unusual circumstances.
    VII: purposeful appropriate
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