1. what are intrinsic muscles of the hand?
    many small muscles within the hand allow for manual dexterity (precise movements)
  2. what 3 groups are the hands of muscles separated into>?


  3. what does thenar mean?
    the thumb
  4. what does hypothenar mean?
    little finger
  5. what does midpalmer mean?
    middle of the hand
  6. what 2 nerves innervate the hand?
    median and ulnar nerves
  7. What do the thenar muscles form?
    • the thenar eminence of the lateral side of the palm
    • *rounded muscular area
  8. what 3 muscles form thenar eminence?
    -abductor pollicis brevis

    -flexor pollicis brevis

    -opponens pollicis
  9. which muscle moves the thumb but not part of thenar eminence?
    adductor pollicis
  10. thenar eminence) abductor pollicis brevis- origin (3)


    -flexor retinaculum
  11. thenar eminence) abductor pollicis brevis- inserts
    base of proximal phalanx of thumb
  12. thenar eminence) abductor pollicis brevis- innervated
    median nerve
  13. thenar eminence) abductor pollicis brevis- action
    abduction of the thumb
  14. thenar eminence) abductor pollicis brevis- what side does it form?
    forms the lateral edge of the thenar eminence
  15. thenar eminence) flexor pollicis brevis- origin (2)

    -flexor retinaculum
  16. thenar eminence) flexor pollicis brevis- inserts
    base of the proximal phalanx of thumb
  17. thenar eminence) flexor pollicis brevis- action (2)
    -flexes the thumb

    -aids in opposiition
  18. thenar eminence) flexor pollicis brevis- innervated
    median nerve
  19. thenar eminence) opponens pollicis- origin (2)

    -flexor retinaculum
  20. thenar eminence) opponens pollicis- inserts
    lateral side of shaft of the 1st metacarpal
  21. thenar eminence) opponens pollicis- action (2)
    -adducts and 

    • -helps to oppose the thumb
    • *moves the thumb across the palm to meet little finger
  22. thenar eminence) opponens pollicis- innervated?
    median nerve
  23. thenar eminence) opponens pollicis- what 2 msucles is the oponens pollciis deep to?
    -abductor pollicis brevis and

    -flexor pollicis brevis
  24. adductor pollicis- origin for oblique head (2)
    -capitate bone

    -and bases of metacarpals 2 and 3
  25. adductor pollicis- origin for transverse head
    horizontally placed from 3rd metacarpal
  26. adductor pollicis- inserts
    ulnar (medial) side of the proximal phalanx of thumb
  27. adductor pollicis- action (2)

    -helps oppose the thumb
  28. adductor pollicis- inneravted?
    ulnar nerve
  29. what muscle fills int he web space on the palmer side of the hand?
    adductor pollicis
  30. what do the hypothenar muscles form?
    for the hypothenar eminence on the medial side of the palm
  31. what are the 3 muscles of hypothenar?
    -abductor digit minimi

    -flexor digiti minimi brevis

    -opponens digiti minimi
  32. why is palamris brevis not included in hypothenar compartment?
    it does not move the little finger
  33. hypothenar) palmaris brevis- origin
    palmar aponeurosis
  34. hypothenar) palmaris brevis- inserts
    skin of the medial side of hand
  35. hypothenar) palamris brevis- innervated
    ulnar nerve
  36. hypothenar) palmaris longus- action
    helps to deepen palm and griping action
  37. hypothenar) abductor digiti minimi- origin
    pisiform bone
  38. hypothenar) abductor digiti minimi- inserts
    medial side of the base of the proximal phalnax of 5th digit
  39. hypothenar) abductor digiti minimi- innervated
    ulnar nerve
  40. hypothenar) abductor digiti minimi- action?
    abducts the little finger
  41. which is the most medial muscle in the hypothenar eminence?
    abductor digiti minimi
  42. hypothenar) flexor digiti minimi brevis- origin (2)
    -hook of the hamate bone

    -flexor retinaculum
  43. hypothenar) flexor digiti minimi brevis- inserts
    • medial side of teh base of the proximal phalanx of 5ht metacarpal
    • *same as abductor minimi
  44. hypothenar) flexor digiti minimi brevis- innervated?
    ulnar nerve
  45. hypothenar) flexor digiti minimi brevis- action?
    flexes the little finger
  46. hypothenar) opponens digiti minimi- innervated by
    ulnar nerve
  47. hypothenar) opponens digiti minimi- origin (2)
    -hook of the hamate bone

    -flexor retinaculum
  48. hypothenar) opponens digiti minimi- inserts
    ulnar side of the 5th metacarpal
  49. hypothenar) opponens digiti minimi- action?
    • helps to oppose the little finger
    • *bring the littel finger to meet the thumb
  50. hypothenar) opponens digiti minimi- which 2 muscles lie superficial to this msucle?
    -flexor digit minimi brevis

    -abductor digiti minimi
  51. what are the 2 types of midpalmer msucles?
    lumbricles and interossei
  52. midpalmer) which 2 actions do they do?
    • -flex the mpj
    • *metacarpophalangeal joint

    • -extend the ipj
    • *interphalangeal joint

    ***bye bye msucles
  53. midpalmer) what 2 actions does the interossei do?
    abduct and adduct the fingers
  54. midpalmer) lumbricles- origins
    lateral side of each tendon of the flexor digitorium profundus in palm
  55. midpalmer) lumbricles- inserts
    lateral edge of extensor expansion hood on proximal phalanx of fingers 2-5
  56. midpalmer) lumbricles- action (2)
    -flex fingers at metacarpophalangeal joints

    -extend fingers at interphalangeal joints
  57. midpalmer) lumbricles- fingers 1 and 2 are innervated by?
    median nerve
  58. midpalmer) lumbricles- fingers 3 and 4 are innervated by?
    ulnar nerve
  59. midpalmer) palmar interossei-origin
    • the side of each metacarpal that faces the midaxis of rthe hand
    • *absent in metacarpal III
  60. midpalmer) palmar interossei- inserts
    extensor expansion on the first phalanx of each finger on side facing midaxis of hand
  61. midpalmer) palmar interossei- action (2)
    -adducts fingers

    - acts with lumbricals to create bye-bye muscles
  62. midpalmer) dorsal interrossei-origin
    bipennate origin (2 different bones) on the adjacent sides of bones that surround it

    ex) 1st dorsal interrosei originates from 1st and 2nd metacarpal
  63. midpalmer) dorsal interossei- inserts
    extensor expansion over proximal phalanx of fingers 2-4 on side opposite midaxis of hand but on both sides of finger 3
  64. midpalmer) dorsal interossei- innervated
    ulnar nerve
  65. midpalmer) dorsal interossei- action
    -abducts the fingers

    • -can help create the bye bye movement
    • *helps to flex the metacarpalphalanegal joint and interphallangeal joint
  66. midpalmer) palmar interrosei -innervated
    ulnar nerve
  67. what type of joint is located on the metacarpophalangeal joints? what are their movements?
    condyloid and saddle joint; circumduction
  68. what type of joint is located on IPJ? and whats their movement?
    hinge joint; flexion and extension
  69. how do carpal tunnel syndrome occur?
    reduction in the size of the carpal tunnel
  70. carpal tunnel syndrome) which digits are affected by this? what do they feel?
    lateral 3.5 digits; sensory loss or tingling
  71. carpal tunnel syndrome) what are these idnividual unable to do?
    oppose the thumb bc they lose motor control to the thenar muscles (except adductor)
  72. carpal tunnel syndrome) how is it relieved?
    partial or complete division of the flexor retinaculum
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