Peds neuro reflexes

  1. When is ATNR broken?
    • When child can bring hand to mouth while head is turned in that direction
    • Gone by 4-6 mos
  2. What is crossed extension reflex?
    • Flex of opp leg with pressure on ball of foot of extended leg.
    • Gone by 1-2 mos
  3. Palmar grasp is gone by when?
    4-6 mos
  4. Plantar grasp is gone by when?
  5. Head back and leg ext when placed in prone is what reflex?
    • Landau reflex
    • Gone by 2 yrs
    • Extesor tone disappears with head flex
  6. Sudden change in head position resulting in ext and abd of UE's with crying.
    • Moro reflex
    • Gone by 5-6 mos
  7. side of face is stimulated with light touch
    • Rooting reflex
    • gone by 3 mos.
  8. stimulated by head flex or ext:
    head flex = UE flex & LE ext
    head ext = UE ext & LE flex
    • symmetrical tonic neck reflex
    • gone by 8-12 mos
  9. increased tone with prone or supine position:
    prone = increased flexor tone
    supine = increased extensor tone
    • tonic labyrinthine reflex
    • gone by 6 mos
  10. stimulated when child is grasped from forearm and lifted from supine to sitting:
    head lag seen
    • traction reflex
    • gone by 2-5 mos
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