10/8 notes

  1. ___ % of gay males are parents
  2. ___ % of lesbians are parents
  3. children with gay parents are just as ___ with their peers
  4. children with gay parents have no differences in _____ to _____ health
    adjustments; mental
  5. the majority of kids with gay parents identify as _____
  6. average amount of tv watched per week in children
    26 hours
  7. things that tv watching is associated with
    • -passive learning
    • -buying into stereotypes
    • -increased aggression
    • -unrealistic views of the world
    • -decrease in school achievement
  8. the effects of tv on children depend on
    the quantity and the type of program
  9. studies show that preschoolers who watch sesame street on the reg (have)
    • -higher grades
    • -read more books
    • -more creative
    • -less aggression
    • -increased emphasis on achievement
  10. mildest case of autism
    -still qualify for services (grandfathered into DSM 5)
    -Not recognized in the current DSM
    Pervasive development disorder
  11. has many of the symptoms of autism
    -no language delays
    -not in DSM 5
  12. types of autism spectrum disorder onset
    • -organic
    • -regressive
  13. symptoms of autism have been present since birth or early infancy. name this type of onset
  14. -typical development
    -lost skills and ability
    -decline usually occurs between 1 or 2
    -usually has more helpful prognosis then the other onset.
  15. -this is usually the more severe case
    -more likely to have a chromosomal abnormality
    -environmental exposure could have cuased onset of symptoms
    organic onset
  16. DSM states that at any given moment, __% of the population can be diagnosed with autism
  17. autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed ___x more in ____
    4; males. it is believed to be related to testosterone
  18. most common time of diagnosis of autism is in the ____ year
  19. category A symptoms of Austism according to the DSM 5
    • 1-deficits in social emotional reciprocity (lack of conversational speech/emotion)
    • 2-deficits in non-verbal communication (lack of eye contact/facial expressions)
    • 3-deficits in forming, maintaining and understanding relationships (lack of interest in making friends)
  20. to have autism one must have ___ of the type a symptoms
  21. category B symptoms of Austism according to the DSM 5
    • 1-repetive motor movements (includes speech =echolalia (sp?))
    • 2- insistence on sameness
    • 3-restricted interest that are abnormal in intensity (all they talk about, think, or focus on)
    • 4-hyper/hypo reactivity to sensory input (to much or not enough input)
  22. to have austism you must have ____ of the type b symptoms
  23. potential causes of autism
    • -genetic predispostion w/ environmental disorder
    • -higher risks among regular siblings
    • -genetic mutation
    • -chromosomal abnormality
    • -prenatal difficulties
  24. 37%-90% concordance rate within ____'s
    twins. there is a higher risk among regular siblings
  25. ___% have a known genetic mutation
  26. 10% have a _____ abnormality
  27. prenatal difficulties related to autism
    • -if momma had rubella
    • -toxic chem exposure
  28. post natal complication related to autism
    • -labor delivery complications
    • -low birth weight
    • -age of father (over 40? more likely to have autistic kid)
  29. vaccines previous to 2000's contained a chemical called thymerosol. this shitty substance...
    was a preservative that contained mercury
  30. back in the day vaccines used to be single doses per disease. what did this do?
    allowed for multiple exposures to fucking thymerosol
  31. -given after 1st year of life
    -also given after a year which was dangerous and redundant
    MMR Vaccine
  32. Those who have predispostion to autism are ___ effected by vaccines
  33. -looks at 7 sets of genes which are responsible for detoxifying the body
    -people with autism are deficient of these genes
    Neurogenomic Profile
  34. because autistic kids (or genetically predisposed kids without the genes) are deficient in detoxing, they accumulate ____ ____
    heavy metals
  35. autistic kids have brain abnormalities, especially in the ____ , _____ and _____ lobes
    cerebellum, frontal, temporal
  36. deficiencies in the ____, which is is reponsible for coordinating movement and shifting attention explains....
    cerebellum; explains motor delays and difficulties transitioning
  37. frontal and temporal lobes are less ____ when performing ____ and ____ tasks in autistic kids
    active; motor and language
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