1. ·         Active Reading
    means that you are fully engaged in reading by focusing your mind and body on the activity.
  2. ·         Active Listening
    means that you are fully engaged in reading by focusing your mind and body on the activity.
  3. ·         Creative Thinking
    think that involves generating ideas.
  4. ·         Analytical thinking
    ·         breaking apart information and examinging its parts.
  5. ·         Acrostic sentences
    acrostic sentences is mnemonic device in which the first letter of each word in a sentence stands for information or a process; please excuse my dear aunt sally is an acrostic for the order of operation, parenthese,exponents,multiplication, division,and subtraction.
  6. ·         Top 10 writing expectations in college
    • -fulfillment of the assignment
    • -original thought
    • -main point or ideas
    • -organization
    • -focused paragraphs
    • -concrete,specific details
    • -neat presentation
    • -grammatical sentences
    • -correct spelling
    • -punctual
  7. ·         Purpose of portfolios
    this type of project is popular with instructors because it allows student to work on their writing continuosly.
  8. ·         Plagiarism
    is the use of another's words or ideas without proper acknowledgment.
  9. ·         Constructive criticism
    Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one
  10. ·         Financial fitness
     the ability to use the money you are receiving to pay bills,eliminate debt,and save for the future,will be a crucial component to your overall success.
  11. ·         Mnemonic device
    a method of remembering information
  12. ·         Balanced life
    means paying attention to and improving all areas of your life from relationships to cardiovascular health to your inner peace.
  13. ·         Reading methods and benefits
  14. ·         Note taking tips
    • -listen for the main ideas
    • -leave plenty of white space
    • -review your notes as soon as possible after calss
  15. ·         Effective study habits
    • -survey
    • -question
    • -read
    • -recite
    • -review
  16. ·         The effects of stress and lack of sleep on the body
    • -Digestive problems including upset stomach, constipation,diarrhea, and ulcers
    • -severe headaches and migraines
    • -hight blood preessure heart attack, and stroke
    • -muscle and joint pain
    • -cold,flu,respiration,and sinus infection
  17. ·         Paper writing tips (i.e. prewriting techniques)
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