B catenin anterior regeneration paper exam 1.txt

  1. Anterior regeneration with B Catenin article (Sikes)
  2. Main point
    • Wnt signaling is involved in loss of regeneration of heads in planarium
    • Wnt act via b-catenin, the Wnt signalling effector
  3. Model system used
    Planariums, worms that regenerate heads
  4. Fig 2
    • Reg- vs Reg+ expression
    • Using RNAseq (analyzed expression of all transcripts), found the following:
    • Wnt transcripts LOWER in Reg+
    • Fz transcripts LOWER in Reg+
    • FRP transcripts HIGHER in REG+
    • APC, Axin, some Wnt and B-catenin were UNCHANGED
    • Then...Expression levels narrowed down
    • Looked at (via qRT-PCR) FRP, Wnt transcripts
    • In Reg+: Found the change in expression is Increased w FRP (and one Wnt)
    • Reg-: Change in expression Increased with Wnts, whereas Reg+ went down
  5. APC
    Inhibitor of B-catenin and Wnt signaling
  6. Fig 3
    • Looked at Reg tissue and visualized formation of head, nervous system with different interfering RNAs
    • (-)control: showed No Regen (RNAi)
    • B-catenin RNAi: BLASTEMA formation, complete head AND brain
    • APC RNAi (B-catenin and Wnt inhibitor): BLASTEMA formation, but regeneration of TAIL at anterior
    • Then...Transcription levels analyzed via qRT-PCR
    • ndk and FRP levels INCREASED in B-catenin RNAi: These are expressed at anterior and are present in Reg+
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B catenin anterior regeneration paper exam 1.txt
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