S.S. SP 7th Grade Final Review

  1. led fight for civil rights
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. putting boys & girls in different schools is an example of
  3. effect of Brown vs. Board on Jim Crow laws
    declared them unconstitutional
  4. Supreme Court decided segregation was equal in
    Plessy vs. Ferguson
  5. political result of the civil war
    US was reunited into one country
  6. Lincoln's chief aim during the Civil War
    to preserve the Union
  7. NAACP, Brown vs. Board, Rosa Parks are all part of
    the civil rights movement
  8. organization started in 1960 and still working now that works to protect rights
  9. the poem on the Statue of Liberty is to
    welcome immigrants to the US
  10. development from large scale industry also grew
    labor unions
  11. good example of a monopoly
    Standard Oil
  12. lower prices & more goods produced
    • use of machines
    • larger labor force
    • development of standard parts
  13. when Europeans competed for colonies in Africa and Asia
  14. nationalism, militarism, alliances
    causes of WWI
  15. Panama Canal and the involvement in Cuba and Mexico were examples of the
    Roosevelt Corollary
  16. 3 groups with political power in southern states
    • carpetbaggers
    • blacks
    • scalawags
  17. as ethnic diversity grew, the percentage of what dropped
  18. what did Germany do before sinking the Lusitania
    warned to sink ships carrying supplies to its enemies
  19. the Selective Service Act (1917) was necessary to
    create an armed force quickly
  20. aim of the Fourteen Points
    Wilson's plan to prevent another war
  21. Americans opposed US joining UN
    afraid it would make another war
  22. 1/4 workers had no job during the
    Great Depression
  23. why did Americans oppose the US joining the UN
    they were afraid it would drag them into another war
  24. plan to recover from the depression
    New Deal
  25. New Deal program for people older than 65
    Social Security Act
  26. why could FDR serve 3 terms
    they didn't want to change leaders during war
  27. why was WWII considered the aftermath of WWI
    the Versailles Treaty angered Italy and Germany
  28. biggest discrimination act from the government
    Japanese internment camps
  29. Marshal Plan, NATO, Truman Doctrine were examples of
    involvement in Europe after WWII
  30. after WWII, US policy changed from isolationism to
    isolationism to involvement
  31. high supply & low demand makes
    low prices
  32. when people are happy, banks prosperous, and people saving, our economy has reached a
  33. effect of the cotton gin on the South
    slaves became more valuable
  34. fight between proslavery forces and antislavery forces
    Bleeding Kansas
  35. lack of necessary resources and supplies along with a weak government made up the
    weaknesses of the south
  36. northerner who went South after the Civil War
  37. white southerners who supported Radical republicans after the Civil War
  38. ruling by the Supreme Court that segregation was legal as long as facilities for blacks and whites were equal
    Plessy vs. Ferguson
  39. ordered schools to be desegregated
    Brown vs. Board
  40. made separate places for blacks legal
    Jim Crow Laws
  41. gave blacks the right to vote
    Fifteenth Amendment
  42. encouraged the people of the North to support abolitionists
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
  43. gave women the right to vote
    Nineteenth Amendment
  44. said slaves were property and upheld the Fugitive Slave law of 1850
    Dred Scott decision
  45. voters in a state decided whether to allow slavery or not
    popular sovereignty
  46. company that controls the market of a certain product
  47. what did labor unions deal with
    unemployment insurance, job conditions
  48. names given to the 1920s
    • Jazz Age
    • Age of Wonderful Nonsense
    • Roaring 20's
  49. who did the Treaty of Versailles blame
  50. made by FDR to help US recover from depression
    New Deal
  51. international organization set up to keep world peace
    United Nations
  52. when people buy on margin and no safety net is in the Stock Market, it leads to
    a depression
  53. Soviets built missiles in Cuba --> JFK sent planes to bomb Russia --> Russia took the missiles back --> JFK called a retreat
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  54. to stop the spread of communism
  55. "Speak softly and carry a big stick and you will go far"
    Ted Roosevelt
  56. "Make the worlds safe for democracy"
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S.S. SP 7th Grade Final Review
S.S. SP 7th Grade Final Review