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  1. UI
    User Interace- Way in which people interact with the computer
  2. Resource
    Hardware component required to preform work
  3. Kernel
    The core part of the operating system
  4. Registry
    The centralized collection of hardware and software settings
  5. File-nameing convention
    rules for giving a name to a file, the three digit code at the end of a file that show the type, the file extension
  6. File format
    the arrangement of data in a file. native file format refers to a file format that is specific to a certain application
  7. File specification
    The "path".  the specific location of a file
  8. Disk partition
    The part of a disk that acts as a separate storage unit
  9. Physical storage model
    How data is physically stored on a disk
  10. Backup
    Copy of a file in storage on a different medium
  11. Restore
    Recover backup data from different medium to original medium
  12. Boot Disk
    Media using minimal operating system files used in the boot process
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