The Spine

  1. Multifidi are stabilizers for
  2. Purpose of pelvic floor
    • support of the pelvic organs and contents
    • Withstand increase in intra-abdom pressure
    • Maintain continence through support of sphincters
    • Work synergistically with lumbar corest
  3. Lumbar corset
    Transverse abdomin, diaphragm, multifidi, pelvic floor
  4. T/F want max contraction of pelvic floor
  5. Postural Derangement
    • Some symptoms
    • Easy to fix
    • Leads to mechanical dysfunction and eventually HNP
  6. Mechanical Dysfunction
    Muscle imbalances prevent normal motions
  7. Sway back
    • Forward pelvis and head
    • Knees are locked
    • LB is mostly flat
  8. MLBP
    Mechanical LBP
  9. Ankylosis
  10. Spondyloisthesis
    A vertebral moves forward
  11. Patient Education
    • Positional relief (acute)
    • Sleeping postures (acute)
    • Work postures (late tx)
    • Activity levels
    • Pain relieveing measures: flare up strategies
  12. Contras
    • Bowel or bladder problems with onset of LBP
    • Pins and needles in saddle area or in both hands in feet cord signs of cord compression (UMN signs)
    • Disc herniations- Avoid flexed postures
    • Motor Weakness is progressive shows something more serious is occuring
  13. Disk Herniation
    Extension biased pt
  14. EMG
    • Test function of the nerve leaving spine
    • Tiny electrodes into muscles
  15. Bone Scan
    • Radioactive chemical injected into bloodstream
    • Chemicals attach to bone undergoing changes
    • Changes appear as dark areas on film
  16. X-ray
    • Bone and joint spaces
    • No soft tissue use
  17. Discogram
    • Dye injected into disc
    • Helps determine if pain is coming from disk
    • Fluid leaking out on gram=bad
  18. MRI
    • Real good for soft tissue
    • Most common to look at spine
  19. CAT
    • Cross sectional views
    • Used when conditions affecting bones are suspected
  20. Myelogram
    Dye into spinal sac and shows on xray or CAT scan
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