Muscles of the Face

  1. Oribicularis Oculi
    • Palpebral part - Closes eyelids gently
    • Orbital part - Closes eyelids forcefully
  2. Corrugator Supercilii
    Draws eyebrows medially and downward
  3. Nasalis
    • Transverse Part - Compresses nasal aperature
    • Alar Part - Draws cartilage downward and laterally opening nostril
  4. Procerus
    Draws down medial angle of eyebrows producing transverse wrinkles over bridge of nose
  5. Depressor Septi
    Pulls nose inferiorly
  6. Depressor anguli oris
    Draws corner of mouth down and laterally
  7. Depressor labii inferioris
    Draws lower lip downward and laterally
  8. Mentalis
    Raises and protrudes lower lip as it wrinkles skin on chin
  9. Risorius
    Retracts corner of mouth
  10. Zygomaticus major
    Draws corner of mouth upward and laterally
  11. Zygomaticus minor
    Draws upper lip upward
  12. Levator labii superioris
    Raises upper lip, helps form nasolabial furrow
  13. Lavator labii superioris alaeque nasi
    Raises upper lip and opens nostril
  14. Lavator anguli oris
    Raises corner of mouth, helps form nasolabial furrow
  15. Orbicularis oris
    Closes lips, protrudes lips
  16. Buccinator
    Presses the cheek against teeth, compresses distended
  17. Anterior auricular
    Draws ear upward and forward
  18. Superior auricular
    Elevates ear
  19. Posterior auricular
    Draws ear upward and backward
  20. Occipitofrontalis
    Wrinkles forehead, raises eyebrows
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