Lab Review:Hematology (RBC arrangement to Hgb)

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  1. Stacking of RBC's
  2. Is rouleaux considered an artifact?
  3. Rouleaux is normal in what animal?
  4. Rouleaux is seen with high...GF
    globulin and fibrinogen
  5. Clumping
  6. When is agglutination seen?
    immune-mediated disease
  7. How do you tell the difference between rouleaux and agglutination?
    • drop of saline
    • rouleaux will separate and agglutination won't
  8. AKA metarubricytes
    nucleated cells
  9. Nucleated RBC's are normal in:
    • birds
    • reptiles
    • amphibians
  10. RNA fragments
    basophilic stippling
  11. When is basophilic stippling seen?
    lead poisoning
  12. Dot inside cell made of nuclear remnants
    howell-jolly bodies
  13. When are howell-jolly bodies seen?
    regenerative anemia
  14. Dot on outside of cell made up of damaged hemoglobin
    Heinz bodies
  15. In what species are Heinz bodies normal?
    cats up to 5%
  16. If Heinz bodies are over 5% in cat blood what do they indicate?H D
    • hyperthyroid
    • diabetes mellitus
  17. AKA immature RBC
  18. What stain is used to see reticulocytes?
  19. What are the two types of reticulocytes in the cat?PA
    • punctate
    • aggregate
  20. Older reticulocyte less dots
  21. Newer reticulocyte fresh from bone marrow and has more dots
  22. PCT/HCT
    packed cell volume/hematocrit
  23. PCT/HCT determines the % of what in circulating blood volume?
    RBC's duh
  24. How long is a hematocrit tube centrifuged for dog and cat blood?
    3-5 min
  25. How long is a hematocrit tube centrifuged for sheep and goat blood?
    twice as long 6-10min
  26. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying
    o2 and co2
  27. Hemoglobin assists is regulating what by eliminating co2?
    acid-base balance
  28. What is hemoglobin used to determine?
    the RBC indices
  29. What is hemoglobin measured in?
  30. How do you get the hemoglobin amount?
    • 1/3 PCV
    • so PCV divided by 3
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