unit 1 social studys

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  1. an area in which many feachers are simular.
  2. the peaks of the ______have been worn down by erosion.
    Appalachian Mountains
  3. Includes the u.s.a ,canada,and Mexico.
    North America
  4. Covers most of the U.S.A
  5. In General, the climate in the western U.S.A is ______than that in the estern part of the country.
  6. Many scientists think there was once a _______that linked Asia to North America.
    land bridge
  7. is an extra amount
  8. Native Americans groups in dry climates generally used very little_________
  9. All Native Americans depend on______ ______ to survive.
    natural resources
  10. is the way people use their resouces to meet their needs.
  11. What kind of climate did the Native Americans who built igloos live in?
    in a very cold climate; there must have been a lot of ice and snow in their region for them to decide to use those materials.
  12. what do you know about native americans who built and lived in tepees?
    they must have been hunters, since they used skins of animals to build shelters.
  13. what can you tell about the native americans who built long houses?
    they must have lived in a region where there were many forests ,because they needed a lot of wood to build longhouses.
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