Peds exam

  1. how old child has to be to get assent?
  2. what is a fever?
    38C (100.4 F)
  3. you can use antipyretics to tx a fever, but not this med ______
  4. you're checking placement of tube feeding and you get a pH level of 6. where are you?
    lungs (5 or lower is stomach)
  5. what is the cut-off for "normal" on the pulse ox?
  6. does meds circulate longer or shorter in children?
  7. child is under age 3, where can you give a shot?
    vastus lateralis
  8. what is the max amt of liquid you can put in a shot for a young child?
  9. when is an appropriate time to give a suppository?
    child has N/V
  10. eardrops - adult is up and back. what is procedure for child?
    down and back
  11. what is first in tx of asthma? 

    A) albuterol
    B) corticosteroid
  12. what is most serious complication from IV meds?
    circulatory overload
  13. child in pain - eyes _____

    A) dilated
    B) contricted
  14. child in pain - BP & pulse _____

  15. what do you tx repiratory depression from opiods with?
  16. fentanyl's onset is ____. lasts for ____ hrs. how old does the child at least have to be?
    12-24hrs. lasts 72hrs. 12yo.
  17. children have a ______ protein binding capacity leading to a high concentration of free drugs.

    A) limited
    B) unlimited
  18. The FLACC pain scale is used for what ages?
    2mo - 7y
  19. you child is 3yo and older. what pain scale do you use?
  20. what does a tylenol OD look like?
    • N/V
    • sweating
    • pallor
  21. what does an aspirin OD look like?
    • N/V
    • vomiting
    • diaphoresis
    • tinnitus
  22. what does an iron OD look like?
    • bloody stools
    • diarrhea
    • gastric pain
  23. what does hydrocarbon (paint thinner, lighter fluid, kerosene) ingestion look like?
    • gagging
    • choking
    • lethargy
    • weakness
    • tachy
    • cyanosis
  24. what does the child look like after ingesting corrosives?
    • pain burning at mouth
    • edematous lips, tongue, pharanx
    • drooling
  25. what can you get from high dose of lead?
    • mental retard
    • blindness
    • paralysis
  26. what is a diagnostic test you do after a child nearly drowned?
    chest radiographs. status of lungs.
  27. which OD is the only one that calls for emesis intervention?

  28. what is med to counter tylenol OD?
  29. what vitamin do you give to counter aspirin OD?

    D) Vit. K
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