P.E Talent Identification

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  1. Uk Sport
    Originisation with overall responsibility of the UK talent
  2. English Institure for Sport - EIS
    Works with UK sport as part of theĀ UK Talent Team
  3. Uk Talent Team
    Collaboration of UK Sport and EIS. They help support talented athletes.
  4. Battle4Brazil
    Potenial athletes for Taekwondo for 2016 olympics.
  5. Bring On Brazil
    Potenial paralympic athletes for 2016.
  6. Girls4Gold
    Looks for sportswomen for Cycling and other olympic sports.
  7. Tall and Talented
    Looks for the next olympic rowing and basketball competitors for 2016.
  8. Pitch2Podium
    Gives footballers and rugby players a second chance to achieve in a new Olympic sport.
  9. Athlete Peersonal Award
    Contribution from UK sport to support athletes with living and sporting costs.
  10. World Class Performance Programme
    Uk sports prgoramme which covers Olympic and Paralympic sports and supports 3 differening levels of athletes.
  11. Talent, Development and Podium
    Levels of support on the World Class Performance Programme
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