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  1. Vg1 role
    • Member of the TGF-B family
    • the ONLY TgF-B protein that is localized DORSALLY
    • Needed for ANTERIOR development!
    • Located in VEGETAL Cytoplasm, which is where formation of mesoderm occurs
  2. Paper results related to Vg1 role
    • Although Vg1 overexpression does not cause mesoderm formation, LOSS of Vg1 causes loss in mesoderm formation and DELAYED GASTRULATION
    • An allele made with Serine residue is able to rescue effects of Vg1 loss of function, better than inserting the original Vg1 transcript.
  3. Vg1 and signalling
    • 1. Vg1 signaling NEEDED for phosphorylation of SMAD2
    • 2. Vg1 signaling NEEDED to PREVENT Bmp signaling by phosphorylation of Smad1
  4. Vg1 results Fig 1
    • Showed that through stages of gastrulation, Vg1 depleted
    • Vg1 has NO affect on Xnr3 or siamois, which are required for Wny pathway activation, so Vg1 NOT needed for Wnt pathway
    • Mesoderm inducing signals chordin and cerebus REDUCED at mid-gastrula stages,
    • Mesoderm markers cerebus, chordin, noggin and signals FGF8 and Xbra are DOWNREGULATED with Vg1 Depletion
    • Vg1 depleted showed UPREGULATION of Bmp target gene Sizzled, but No change w BMP4
  5. Vg1 results Fig 2
    • changing amino acid Vg1(ser) showed HIGHER expression vs Proline
    • Serine able to rescue partially the Vg1 depleted affect, by increasing Smad2 protein back to WT levels
    • Vg1(S) rescued partially mesoderm markers cerebus, chordin, noggin and dkk
    • Vg1(S) rescued mesoderm signals FGF8, Xnr1, chordin and Xsox17a during gastrulation stages
    • Vg1(S) rescued Bmp target Sizzled, brought the levels back down (were up with depletion)
    • Vg1 seen at HIGHER proportion DORSALLY via Realtime and Western (when compared to ventral, with VegT as control for all over cell)
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