1. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity have all been linked to...
    to diet
  2. Fiber
    Helps improve your bowel movement
  3. Vitamins 1._______and vitamin supplements are not __________.
    • 1. provide no energy
    • 2. necessary if you have an adequate and balanced diet.
  4. All vitamins were once thought to ....
    be amino acids. (hence vital amines)
  5. What is scurvy?
    Loose teeth, easily bruised, weakness.
  6. What are the 8 ways you could manage your time?
    • 1. Schedule your time
    • 2. Develop a game plan
    • 3. Identify time robbers
    • 4. Make the most of your classes
    • 5. Develop an efficient study style.
    • 6. Focus on the task at hand.
    • 7. Turn elephants into hors d'oeuvre
    • 8. Keep your workspace in order.
  7. What are the benefits of Herbert Benson's relaxation method?
    Relaxing muscles can quiet the mind and restore internal balance.
  8. What is the R.I.C.E?
    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
  9. What are the measures for body composition?
    • 1. Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • 2. Waist/Hip Ratio
    • 3. Hydrostatic Weighing
    • 4. Bioelectrical Impedance
  10. What are the primary risk factors of cardiovascular disease?
    Tobacco smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity.
  11. What is a calorie?
    The energy required to raise 1 kilogram of water 1 degree.
  12. What is an empty calorie?
    Foods that provide only energy but no vitamins or minerals.
  13. How many calories in a carb, protein, and in fat?
    4, 4, 9
  14. What are carbohydrates?
    Sugars and Starch.
  15. What is the overload principle?
    In order to improve, systems must work slightly harder that they are accustomed to working.
  16. What is the muscular endurance prescription?
    • ~70% or more of repetitions
    • ~10-12 repetitions to failure in more sets with 1 minute of rest in between.
    • ~Weightlifting, resistance machines
  17. What is the muscular strength prescription?
    • ~85% or less one repetition maximum
    • ~1-5 repetitions to failure in or 1 or more sets with 2 to 3 minutes of rest in between.
    • ~Weightlifting, resistance machines
  18. What is the specificity principle?
    The system you overload will be the on that develops.
  19. What is the Recovery Time Principle?
    An overload system needs a day or two to recover and respond but not too long it will set back.
  20. How to remember Maslow's Hierarchy Pyramid?
    • Stage 1: Physiological Needs-need to satisfy the basic biological needs for food, water, oxygen, sleep, and elimination of bodily wastes
    • Stage 2: Safety Needs-need for safety and security
    • Stage 3: Belonging and Love Needs-need to love and be loved; need to affiliate with others and be accepted
    • Stage 4: Esteem Needs-needs to achieve, to gain competence, to gain respect and recognition from others
    • Stage 5: Need for Self-Actualization-need to realize one's fullest potential
  21. What does spirituality provide?
    Some meaning of life.
  22. Social skills training can ______
    reduce loneliness.
  23. Achieving independence from your parents
    is a goal.
  24. What are the 6 sufficient sleep remedies?
    • 1. Aim 7-7 1/2 hours of sleep per night.
    • 2. Go to bed & wake up at the same time each day
    • 3. Develop a sleep ritual
    • 4. Don't drink, coffee late in the day
    • 5. Don't rely on alcohol to get sleep
    • 6. Limit daytime naps if you sleep poorly at night.
  25. What is an Alarm, Stressor, Resistance, and Exhaustion?
    Alarm: The body initially responds to a stressor with changes that lowers resistance

    Stressor: The stressor may be threatening.

    Resistance: If the stressor continues, the body mobilizes to with the stress and return to normal.

    Exhaustion: ongoing, extreme stressors eventually deplete the body's resources so we function ar less than normal.
  26. You should reduce 1._____ and increase 2.______.
    1. 3500 calories per week or 500 calories per day.(about 12 oz. coke and 1 candy bar)

    2. 3500 calories per week or 500 calories per day.(walking 50 mins per day,10 calories per minutes)
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