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  1. what is the BCS range?
    what is ideal?
    • 0-5
    • 3
  2. what system needs to be assessed in a buck/ram?
    • nervous sys.
    • head butting
  3. small ruminants have a __ __ on their upper incisor area
    dental pad
  4. what with the urogenital system is a problem in bucks?
  5. what will cause a goat to urinate?
    holding their nose
  6. what is one foot dz that must be checked for?
    foot rot
  7. what are the spp of bacteria that cause foot rot?
    • dichelobacter nodosus
    • fusobacterium necrophorum
  8. what are the glands that are near the horn buds?
    what do they do?
    • musk glands
    • give them a nasty odor
  9. what are the 2 things that goats may have that differentiate them from sheep?
    beard and wattles
  10. what might males do to their beard?
    mark it with urine
  11. how many lanolin glands to they have?
  12. how long is their gestation?
    8 mo.
  13. when are sheep cycling through estrous?
  14. when are goats cycling through estrous?
  15. what are the 3 signs of heat?
    • mounting
    • vulvar swelling
    • vocalizing
  16. what are the 4 ways to detect pregnancy?
    • no return to heat
    • ultrasound
    • palpation
    • ballotment
  17. what route is used to U/S a pregnancy in SR's?
    how soon can pregnancy be detected?
    • trans abdomenal
    • 60d.
  18. when is rectal palpation detection possible?
  19. when can ballotment be performed?
    what is it?
    • 100d
    • -standing¬†
    • -pushing on uterus and baby to make it swing and push back
  20. what are the 3 things that should be done to a sheep 2-3 weeks prior to lambing?
    • crutching
    • tagging
    • facing
  21. crutching-
    clip wool from udder and vulva
  22. tagging-
    tail head and flank is clipped
  23. facing-
    clip off the face of the sheep
  24. what 3 things can happen if facing is not done?
    • woolblindness
    • rejection of the lamb(s)
    • anorexia
  25. what is enterotoxemia aka?
    *what bacteria causes it?
    • overeating dz
    • clostridium perfringens
  26. what is consumed that causes overeating dz?
    milk/milk replacer
  27. how long does stage 1 take?
    what happens?
    • 1-4 hours
    • mucus plug is passed
    • restless
    • separate from group
  28. how long does stage 2 last?
    how many lambs is common?
    • 1-2 hours
    • 1-2
  29. how long does stage 3 last?
    what happens?
    • 2-6 hours
    • delivery of placenta
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