COmmon capsular patterns

  1. Temporomandibular
    limitation of mouth opening
  2. Atlanto-occipital
    Extension, side flexion equally limited
  3. Cervical spine
    side flexion and rotation equally limited
  4. Glenohumeral
    Lateral roatation, abduction, medial rotation
  5. sternoclavicular
    Pain at extreme of range of movements
  6. Acromioclavicular
    Pain at extreme of range of movement
  7. Ulnohumeral
    flexion and extension
  8. radiohumeral
    flexion, entension, supination, pronation
  9. Proximal radioulnar
    supination, pronation
  10. distal radioulnar
    full range of movement pain ar extremes of rotation
  11. wrist
    flexion and extension equally limited
  12. trapeziometacarpal
    abduction, extension
  13. Metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal
    flexion, extension
  14. thoracic spine
    side flexion and rotation equally limited, extension
  15. lumbar spine
    side flexion and roation equally limited, extension
  16. sacroiliac, sympysis pubis, and sacrococcygeal
    pain with stress
  17. hip
    flexion, abduction, medial roation
  18. knee
    flexion, extension
  19. tibiofibular
    pain when joint stress
  20. talocrural
    plantar flexion, dorsiflexion
  21. talocalcaneal (subtalar)
    Limitation of varus range of movement
  22. midtarsal
    dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, adduction, medial rotation
  23. first metatarsophalangeal
    extension, flexion
  24. second to fifth metatarsophalangeal
  25. interphalangeal
    flexion, extension
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