CRIM 1170

  1. Pennsylvania Model (For prisions)
    A seperate and silent system in which prisioners were completley isolated from one another, eating, working, and sleeping in seperate cells
  2. Auburn Model (for prisions)
    A system that allowed prisioners to work and eat together during the day and housed them in individual cells at night
  3. Moral Architecture
    The term used to describe the design of the first penitentiary in Canada, the intent of which was to reflect themes of order and morality
  4. Brown Commission
    An investigation into the operations of Kingston Pen. that condemned the use of corporal punishment and emphasized the need for rehabilitation
  5. Medical model of corrections
    The view that criminal offenders were ill-Physically, mentally, and/or socially and that treatment and diagnosis would ensure rehabilitation
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CRIM 1170
The Origins and Evolution of Canadian Corrections