1. What type is Salbutamol?
  2. What is the action of Salbutamol?
    Stimulates beta 2 receptors in bronchial smooth muscle resulting in bronchodilation.
  3. What is the route for Salbutamol?
  4. What is the onset of Salbutamol?
    2-5 minutes
  5. What is the peak for Salbutamol?
    5-10 minutes
  6. What is the duration for Salbutamol?
    1-2 hours.
  7. What is the use for Salbutamol?
    To relieve bronchospasm.
  8. What are the adverse effects of Salbutamol?
    • Dysrhythmias in large doses
    • Shakes and tremors.
  9. What is the preparation of Salbutamol?
    • 5mg in (2.5mL) nebule.
    • 2.5mg in (2.5mL) nebule.
  10. What is the dose of Salbutamol to relieve bronchospasm?
    • Patients ≥ 5years of age
    • 5mg (2.5mL) via nebuliser at 8litres/ min oxygen
    • Repeat whilst indications persist.
    • Maximum dose: no maximum dose

    • Patients < 5years of age
    • 2.5mg (2.5mL) via nebuliser at 8litres / min oxygen
    • Repeat whilst indications persist
    • Maximum dose: no maximum dose
  11. Note for severe/life threatening
    DO NOT wait on scene for salbutamol to be effective.
  12. Why is it more important to check this medication in particular?
    Because there are two concentrations available, read the label carefully and check this with your partner.
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