Topic 7 - psychology of learning and skill

  1. what does Goal setting (smarp) stand for
    • S - SPECIFIC important that the goal is set by the athlete and is specific to what they are endevaouring to achieve. 
    • M - measurable - if the goal can be measured, then it is easier for the athlete to access whether they are successful or not
    • A - attainable - the goals need to be realistic
    • R - Relevant  goal must be relevant to the athlete and skill being performed
    • P - progressive improvement - overtime the goal set should produce improvement in relation to the skill.
  2. what is arousal
    • arousal can be described as a readiness to participate, it can vary from high to low eg. no sleep and desire to participate to having a positive and nervous attitude before a game. 
    • increased arousal - winning a final
    • decreased arousal - full forward in football but doesn't see the ball.
  3. what is anxiety
    • uncertainty of fear of an event or situation, decrease in performance, inbalance between capaibilities leading to
    • muscle tension, 'butterflies' in stomach, worrying, increased urination and may influence the athletes thoughts to process, losing tactics and concentration.
  4. characteristics of high arousal
    nervousness, elevated heart rate, frequent urination and 'butterflies'
  5. characteristics of low arousal
    low motivation, being easily distracted, moving slowly and lack of enthusiasm.
  6. what is self esteem
    a persons perceived view of themselves in society or a team. (negative surroundings can affect a persons self esteem)
  7. coaching - what is authoritian
    coach dominates the environment  makes all the tasks and decision making.
  8. coaching - what is democratic
    open to suggestions about training, guides team rather than individual directing. coach more interested in players impressions  and more supportive.
  9. coaching - what is casual
    minimal role in game, players make most decisions and run training. coach is more of a supervisor role
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Topic 7 - psychology of learning and skill
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