SAT Vocab Cards Day 15

  1. copious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: filled with abundance; plentiful
    • SENTENCE: Pete Wentz wears copious amounts of eyeliner, known as guyliner.
    • SYNONYMS: bountiful, ample, rich
    • ANTONYMS: lacking, meager, scarce
  2. abstemious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: filled with moderation; temperate in eating and drinking
    • SENTENCE: The skunk's malodorous smell is a defensive weapon that repels predators and can be
    • detected up to a mile away.
    • SYNONYMS: temperate, frugal, moderate
    • ANTONYMS: greedy, gluttonous, intemperate
  3. malodorous (adj)
    • DEFINITION: filled with an unpleasant odor; foul smelling
    • SENTENCE: The skunk's malodorous smell is a defensive weapon that repels predators and can be
    • detected up to a mile away.
    • SYNONYMS: noxious, rancid, putrid
    • ANTONYMS: aromatic, fragrant, perfumed
  4. tedious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: filled with boredom; very tiresome; dull and fatiguing
    • SENTENCE: Direct Hits is designed to make studying vocabulary much LESS tedious!
    • SYNONYMS: annoying, laborious, tiring
    • ANTONYMS: entertaining, exciting, interesting
  5. entomology (n)
    • DEFINITION: the scientific study of insects
    • SENTENCE: My friend's mum is an entomologist; she studies bugs.
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  6. foreshadow (v)
    • DEFINITION: to suggest or indicate that something will happen in a story
    • SENTENCE: The conclusion of "Batman Begins" foreshadows the Caped Crusader's coming battle with the Joker.
    • SYNONYMS: foretell, predict
    • ANTONYMS: unprophetic
  7. subplot (n)
    • DEFINITION: a secondary plot in fiction or drama
    • SENTENCE: "The Great Gatsby" includes a subplot based on the relationship between Nick Carraway
    • and Jordan Baker.
    • SYNONYMS: cabal, parenthesis
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  8. memoir (n)
    • DEFINITION: an autobiography; personal journal
    • SENTENCE: Many famous people have written memoirs about their lives.
    • SYNONYMS: account, chronicle, reminiscence
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  9. anecdote (n)
    • DEFINITION: a short account of an interesting or humorous incident
    • SENTENCE: A raconteur is good at telling anecdotes (using multiple vocal words in one sentence = win)
    • SYNONYMS: episode, narration, sketch
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  10. eulogy (n)
    • DEFINITION: a laudatory (praising) speech or written tribute, especially praising someone who is dead
    • SENTENCE: People often delve eulogies at funerals.
    • SYNONYMS: paean, tribute, accolade
    • ANTONYMS: criticism, denunciation, disapproval
  11. allusion (n)
    • DEFINITION: an indirect or brief reference to a person, event, place, phrase, piece of art, or literary work that assumes a common knowledge with the reader/lister
    • SENTENCE: The title of every "Gossip Girl" episode is an allusion to a famous movie or book.
    • SYNONYMS: quotation, connotation, implication
    • ANTONYMS: reality
  12. catalyst (n)
    • DEFINITION: something that provokes or triggers change
    • SENTENCE: Rosa Parks was a catalyst who helped provoke historical changes.
    • SYNONYMS: motivation, stimulant, agitator
    • ANTONYMS: block, hindrance
  13. caustic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: describing something that hurts or burns (figuratively)
    • SENTENCE: Simon Cowell always makes caustic remarks at the contestants on American Idol.
    • SYNONYMS: abrasive, acerbic, astringent
    • ANTONYMS: bland, kind, nice, sweet
  14. synthetic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: produced artificially, especially in a laboratory or other man-made environment
    • SENTENCE: Synthetic drugs are often more dangerous than naturally grown ones.
    • SYNONYMS: manufactured, plastic
    • ANTONYMS: genuine, real, natural
  15. precipitate (v)
    • DEFINITION: To cause an event to happen
    • SENTENCE: The discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    • SYNONYMS: accelerate, expedite, hasten, trigger
    • ANTONYMS: halt, hinder, stop, cease
  16. relief (n)
    • DEFINITION: elevation of a land surface
    • SENTENCE: Relief maps of the USA show rises in the mountains in the east and west.
    • SYNONYMS: n/a
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  17. currency (n)
    • DEFINITION: general acceptance or use, prevalence
    • SENTENCE: The coach's idea that coaches should treat their players with respect is gaining currency,
    • but many coaches will rely on tirades to motivate their players.
    • SYNONYMS: prevalence, circulation, exposure
    • ANTONYMS: obsolete, passe
  18. negotiate (v)
    • DEFINITION: to successfully travel through, around, or over an obstacle/terrain
    • SENTENCE: Frodo negotiated a series of obstacles before reaching the Crack of Doom in Mordor.
    • SYNONYMS: agree, haggle, mediate
    • ANTONYMS: contend, disagree
  19. cavalier (adj)
    • DEFINITION: describing an arrogant attitude/haughty disregard for others
    • SENTENCE: Marie Antoinette's cavalier attitude inflamed great hatred in her people.
    • SYNONYMS: condescending, curt, haughty
    • ANTONYMS: humble, reticent
  20. sanction (n)
    • DEFINITION: an official approval/disapproval for an action
    • SENTENCE: College Board imposes strict sanctions on students who forget to turn off cell phones off
    • during the SAT.
    • SYNONYMS: approval, allowance, consent
    • ANTONYMS: denial, disapproval, opposition
  21. compromise (v)
    • DEFINITION: to reduce the quality or value of something; to jeopardize or place at risk
    • SENTENCE: Don't ever compromise your dignity for money. That's just lame.
    • SYNONYMS: accommodation, pact, accord, arrangement
    • ANTONYMS: denial, disagreement, contest
  22. channel (v)
    • DEFINITION: to direct or guide along a desired course
    • SENTENCE: Tony channeled his creative energies into building a high-tech suit of armor.
    • SYNONYMS: carry, convey, siphon, transmit
    • ANTONYMS: hold, keep
  23. scathing (adj)
    • DEFINITION: harshly critical
    • SENTENCE: Simon Cowell often delivers scathing criticisms of others on American Idol.
    • SYNONYMS: biting, caustic, harsh, scorching, searing
    • ANTONYMS: calm, gentle, mild, nice, kind
  24. elan (n)
    • DEFINITION: a vigorous spirit; a great enthusiasm
    • SENTENCE: The Rough Riders were full of √©lan as they invaded Cuba.
    • SYNONYMS: animation, flair, panache
    • ANTONYMS: apathy, lethargy
  25. didactic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: designed or intended to teach and instruct
    • SENTENCE: The didactic lesson plan was designed to help the students learn better.
    • SYNONYMS: edifying, enlightening
    • ANTONYMS: uninstructive
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