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  1. 3 parts of cell theory
    • 1) everything living is composed of cells
    • Cells can only come from other living cells
    • The cell is the smallest basic unit of life
  2. Electron microscope
    • shows a gray  image
    • Big and expensive
    • Can't observe living cells
  3. how are cells observed using a light microscope
    • Produces the color image because it uses light
    • Can observe living cells
  4. Hooke's findings
    • He came up the word cell
    • He looked at cork under the microscope
    •  He wrote a book called micrographia
  5. Schleiden
    • Said all plants are made of cells
    • cells are the basic unit of life
  6. Schwann
    • Said all animals are made of cells 
    • cells are the basic unit of life
  7. Virchow
    • Disapproved spontaneous generation and expanded on redis's findings
    •   Said cells come from pre-existing cells
    • was the first to recognize leukemia cells
  8. Organelles
    • Each has its own job
    • there are many types
    • Tiny structures inside the cell
    • some in animals , some in plants,  some in both
  9. Cell plasma membrane
    • Controls what comes in and out of the cell
    • food and oxygen IN
    • waste OUT
    • in the plant and animal cells
  10. Cytoplasm
    • Gooey substance inside of the cell
    • keeps organisms in place
    • helps with reactions
  11. Nucleus
    • Brain of the cell
    • directs all cell activity
  12. Mitochondria
    Energy center of the cell
  13. PlastidsPlastics s
    Organelles found only in plant cells
  14. Chloroplast
    • Tyep of plastid
    • makes leaves green
    • conduct photosynthesis captures the suns light and stores as energy
  15. chromoplasts
    Make the fall colors
  16. Leukoplasts
    • Type of plastid
    • found plant cells
    • Store starch
    • has no pigment
    • located in the roots of plants
  17. Endoplasmic reticulum
    • And organelle of cells
    • Highway of the cell
    • rough has ribosomes
    • smooth has no ribosomes
  18. Ribosomes
    Free ribosomes are dotted throughout the  attached ribosomes found attached to the endoplasmic reticulum
  19. Golgi body
    Packaging center of the cell like UPS package station
  20. lysosome
    • Recycling center of the cell
    • takes out damaged parts of the cell
  21. Cytoskeleton
    In both plant and animal cells
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