CLimate exam II

  1. ablation
    rate of ice loss
  2. calving
    shedding of icebergs into oceans or lakes
  3. ice mass balance
    net balance between accumulations and ablation of ice
  4. Milankovich theory
    low summer insolation is critical in producing summer cool enough for ice and snow to persist from one season to the next
  5. climate point
    where the earths surface intersects with the equilibrium line in higher latitudes
  6. Bedrock elastic reponse
    quick sagging beneath the ice
  7. Bedrock viscous response
    extremely slow flow of rock in relatively 'soft' layer of the upper mantle (thousands of years)
  8. basal slip
    slipping occurs because meltwater at the base  of the ice sheet saturates soft sediments creating a lubricated layer from which the ice can slide
  9. termination
    abrupt deglaciation
  10. preglaciation phase
    almost no ice for 2.75 million years ago (greenland only which is ignored)
  11. Small glaciation phase
    0.9 million years ago, global cooling
  12. Phase lag
    persistent delay in ice volume relative to summer insolation
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