Varcarolis Pre-test - Chapter 08

  1. The nurse would NOT address which of the following goals in attempting to establish a therapeutic nurse-client relationship?
    A.Assisting the client with self-care needs when appropriate.
    B.Helping the client identify self-defeating behaviors.
    C.Providing the client with opportunities to socialize.
    D.Facilitating the client’s communication of disturbing feelings or thoughts.
    E.Encouraging the client to make decisions when appropriate.
    Providing the client with opportunities to socialize.
  2. An action that is acceptable in a social relationship but not in a therapeutic relationship is advice.
    B.listening actively.
    C.clarifying feelings. positive regard.
    giving advice.
  3. According to Rogers, a synonym for genuineness is
    positive regard.
  4. The phase of the nurse-client relationship that may cause anxieties to reappear and past losses to be reviewed is the
    A.preorientation phase.
    B.orientation phase.
    C.working phase.
    D.termination phase.
  5. When a nurse is biased against a client, those feelings will likely make it difficult to

    A. view the client with positive regard.
  6. To help a client develop his or her resources, the nurse must first be aware of

    B. client’s strengths.
  7. One of the possible sources of boundary violations is placing the focus on

    B. meeting the nurse’s needs.
  8. In the process of trying new values, which step shows the highest commitment to the value?

    C. Consistently acting in ways that repeatedly affirm the value
  9. When a nurse and client meet informally or have an otherwise limited but helpful relationship, the relationship is referred to as a(n)

    B. therapeutic encounter.
  10. During what stage of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship is a formal or informal contract between the nurse and client established?

    B. Orientation
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