Science unit 1

  1. Ecosystem
    All the living band non living things I that interact in a particular area
  2. 3 things all organisms need from their habitat to live, grow and reproduce
    Water, food, shelter
  3. Organism
    Living things in an ecosystem
  4. Population
    All members of the same species in a particular area
  5. Community
    All the interacting populations that live together in an area
  6. Biotic factor
    Living parts of an ecosystem
  7. Abiotic factors
    Non living parts of an ecosystem
  8. Photosynthesis
    When plants use the light from the sun, store it and use it for energy
  9. Species
    Group of organisms that are all physically the breed and breed with each other
  10. Ecology
    Study of how living things interact with their environment
  11. Direct observation
    Counting one by one
  12. Limiting factor
    • environmental factor that causes a population to decrease 
    • lack of food
    • lack of   water
    • bad weather
  13. Indirect observation
    Counting all the nesting sites in an area
  14. Sampling
    Used if population is large and hard to ffind it is an estimate
  15. Mark and recapture
    • Capture, mark and release first group
    •  Capture another group
    • the % marked indicates the population size
  16. Immigration
    Coming INTO an area
  17. Emigration
    Leaving a population
  18. Limiting factor
    • Environmental factor that causes population to decrease
    • lack of water
    • lack of food
    • bad weather
  19. Carrying capacity
    The largest population that an environment can support
  20. Adaptations
    • Behaviors and physical characteristics of species that allow them to live successfully in their environment
    • fur on polar bear
  21. Natural selection
    Changes that make organisms better suited for their environment
  22. Symbiosis
    • Close relationships between 2 species that benefits at least 1 of them
    • plankton and whale
  23. Predation
    One organism kills and eats another
  24. Niche
    Where an organism fits area an area
  25. Behavior
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