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  1. What is the publification that describes the duties and responsibilities for each of the AFS?
    AFMAN 36-2108
  2. What are the 7 duties of the mm specialist?
    • 1. Manage supply activities and systems
    • 2. Compute requirements, determine allowance, and research and identify material requirements.
    • 3. Perform inventories
    • 4. Provide support to maintenance activities.
    • 5. Provide supply expertise
    • 6. COntrol and operate the computer operations
    • 7. Prepare, analyze and evaluate reports, procedures, and policy data.
  3. What does the property locator system do?
    Enables you to locate property within the storage facilities
  4. What rank must a MM schoolhouse instructor be?
    SrA or higher
  5. Individuals who want to be a MM school house instructor must submit their packages to where?
  6. What is the wholesale logistics program?
    Program that was created to allow cross-fertilization of training, knowledge, experience, and perspectives to promote a better understanding of the whole MM.
  7. How many years must you have in service in order to be a part of the Wholesale Logistics Program?
    You must be a TSgt or MSgt with less than 15 years in service
  8. Who decides who is able to become a part of the Wholesale Logistics program?
    Air Force SUpply Chiefs Advisory Board (AFSCAB)
  9. After individuals are selected for the Wholesale Logistics Program, what happens next?
    They are assigned to the Defense Logistics Agency for a 3 year tour.
  10. What does the Chief Enlisted Manager do?
    • `Monitors the growth and health of the squadron and it's enlisted member.
    • `Take care of the enlisted folk
  11. What does the MAJCOM Functional Manager do?
    • ~Handles all issues related to the 2S career field within their command.
    • ~ Part of the AFSCAB
    • ~ Aids in making policy decisions that affect the career field as a whole
  12. What does the MM CFM do?
    • ~ Responsible to the career field for policy and guidance, and overal direction of the MM career enlisted community.
    • ~ Key figure in the education and training path of our enlisted force.
    • ~ HQ USAF level
  13. What is the elog21?
    The AF transformation plan to improve logistics to meet the current and future threat environment.
  14. What are the 4 effects of the elog21?
    • 1. Effect One: Enterprise View
    • 2. Effect Two: Integrated Processes
    • 3. Effect Three: Optimized Resources
    • 4. Effect Four: Integrated Technology
  15. What is Enterprise View?
    Effect One: ensures that logistics decisions are made and actions are taken with an understanding of their impact across the entire Air Force?
  16. What is the Integrated Process?
    Effect Two: goal of creating unified, enterprise-wide processes that cut across organizations and geographies to deliver the right support, to the right place, at the right time, every time.
  17. What is the Optimized Resource?
    Effect Three: Where resources are optimized across the enterprise to meet the demands of reengineered logistics processes.
  18. What is Integrated Technology?
    Effect Four: Goal is to enable and enhance integrated processes by:

    • 1. Automating business processes and incorporating best practices to make peoples jobs more effective
    • 2. Providing process visibility across the AF so an order can be tracked from entry to receipt at any time.
  19. Who is responsible for cradle-to-grave management of every AF Weapon?
    • AFMC
    • Air Force Material Command
  20. What are the 3 Air Logistics Centers?
    • 1. Ogden ALC
    • 2. Oklahoma City ALC
    • 3. Warner Robins ALC
  21. What do ALC's do?
    • They store, issue, and distribute items DIRECTLY related to specific aerospace systems
    • They repair aircraft, missles, and exchangeable components for these systems.
  22. What is the DLA responsible for?
    • ~Providing supply support throughout the Department of Defense.
    • ~Manages and purchases common consumable items used by both civilians and military
  23. What are the 3 Inventory Control Points of DLA?
    • 1. Defense Supply Center, Columbus
    • 2. Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia
    • 3. Defense Supply Center, Richmond
  24. What does the GSA do?
    Provides wholesale support to all government agencies.
  25. What is a LM?
    • Local Manufactured Item
    • It is fabricated by a maintenance activity on base
    • (Are processed as Receipt Due-In's)
  26. How much can you spend on a GPC at one time?
  27. Who approves those personnel authorized to make purchases using the GPC?
    Resource Advisor
  28. Ammunition is in what class of supply?
  29. LRS is divided into how many flights?
    • 6
    • 1. Distribution
    • 2. Readiness
    • 3. Management and Systems
    • 4. Traffic Management
    • 5. Vehicle Management
    • 6. Fuels
  30. What are the Commanders dutys?
    • 1. Command personnel
    • 2. Direct the 6 flights
    • 3. Develope plans and policies to take care of each personnel
    • 4. Ensuring Mission Readiness
    • 5. Focal Point for squadron interaction
    • 6. Determining and pursuing funding, facilities, and equipment needed to perform mission
  31. What does the operations officer and logistics manager do?
    • ~Guide the day-to day mission productions
    • ~Ensure deployed-mission readiness
    • ~Monitor and evaluate squadron performance
    • ~Perform analysis
    • ~Monitor systems and training
    • ~Plan
    • ~Provide continuity
  32. What are the key duties of the FSC?
    • ~ establishing and managing supply points
    • ~ managing time change
    • ~ processing Turn around transactions
    • ~ managing the LM program and QDR
  33. What are the key duties of the APS element?
    • ~ Storing and issuing weapon system spares
    • ~ Storing all in-warehouse supply and equipment items
    • ~ Selecting items to be shipped, issued or transfered
    • ~ Conducting warehouse validation and inventory
    • ~ Maintaining central locator functions
    • ~ Performing warehouse inspections
    • ~ Overseeing MRSPs and
    • ~ Managing the staging area for delivery items
  34. Whats the M&S division responsible for?
    • 1. Supply information systems management
    • 2. Procedures
    • 3. Stock fund management
    • 4. Contingency planning
    • 5. Operational Analysis
    • 6. Records Maintenance
  35. What are the 4 major processes of SBSS?
    • 1. Item Accounting
    • 2. File Maintenance
    • 3. Reports
    • 4. Accounting and Finance
  36. What are the 5 different types of reports?
    • 1. Daily
    • 2. Monthly
    • 3. Utility
    • 4. Quarterly
    • 5. As-required
  37. What are the 6 series that A&F are divided into?
    • 1. Requistioning and status
    • 2. Reciepts
    • 3. Issue and turn-in
    • 4. Shipments
    • 5. Billing
    • 6. File Maintenance
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