1. depreciation
    income statement. we add back to earnings because it is a non cash charge.
  2. accumulated depreciation
    balance sheet
  3. capital expenditures
    statement of cash flows. we have to deduct capital expenditures from earnings.
  4. taxes
    income statement
  5. PPE
    balance sheet
  6. Retained Earnings
    Balance Sheet
  7. net sales
    income statement
  8. cost of goods sold
    income statement
  9. gross profit
    income statement. net sales-COGS=
  10. operating expenses
    income statement
  11. operating income
    gross profit-operating expenses. income statement
  12. net income
    net income before taxes-provision for income taxes. income statement. accounting profit.
  13. earnings per share.
    income statement. net income/shares outstanding
  14. basic shares
    income statement. number of stocks outstanding
  15. diluted shares
    income statement. assume all convert to stock, more shares.
  16. 3 sections of income statement
    1. continuing operations 2. nonrecurring items, discontinued operations 3. earnings per share
  17. cash assets
    balance sheet
  18. accounts receivable
    balance sheet
  19. inventory
    balance sheet
  20. prepaid expenses
    balance sheet
  21. fixed assets
    noncurrent. balance sheet.
  22. net book value
    original purchase price of properties (equipment) less accumulated depreciation
  23. liabilities
    balance sheet
  24. accounts payable
    balance sheet liabilities
  25. stockholders equity
    balance sheet. money invested on day 1 for stock
  26. goodwill
    balance sheet. when a company buys another business, the excess of the price paid over fair market values when combined.
  27. sections of cash flow
    operating, investing, financing
  28. net income
    cash flows, from income statement
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