*NCODP (AR 350-1)

  1. What does NCODP stand for?
    Non Commissioned officer Development Program
  2. What is the goal of NCODP?
    Increase and sustain NCO combat readiness at the highest possible level
  3. What are the objectives of NCODP?
    • Develop and strengthen leadership skills within the NCO corps.
    • develop confident, competent , and self aware NCO's
  4. As with all leader training and leader development, who is responsible for NCODP?
    The Command
  5. NCODP is typically managed by whom?
  6. What AR covers NCODP?
    AR 350-1 Chap 4
  7. What is the purpose of AR 350-1?
    it prescribes policy and procedures for condcting army training and leader development
  8. A sucessful NCODP will result in?
    • NCOS that demonstrate skills of the current skill levelĀ 
    • Accept the current duties and responsibilities of current rank and duty position
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*NCODP (AR 350-1)
*NCODP (AR 350-1)