Poetry Terms

  1. poetry
    emotionally charged language
  2. rhyme
    the repetition of similar sounds at regular intervals
  3. end rhyme
    rhyme that occurs at end of a verse
  4. internal rhyme
    rhyme that occurs between words within a verse line
  5. alliteration
    the repetition of sounds
  6. rhyme scheme
    the formal arrangement of rhymes in a stanza or poem
  7. rhythm
    movement with a patterned recurrence
  8. poetic foot
    a sylable
  9. poetic meter
    the basic rhythmic structure of a verse
  10. rhymed verse
    a poem or verse with rhyme and meter
  11. blank verse
    un-rhymed lines of iambic pentameter
  12. open/free verse
    poetry without rhyme or rhythm
  13. light verse
    poetry meant to entertain or amuse
  14. assonance
    the repetition of vowel sounds
  15. consonance
    the repetition of consonant sounds
  16. euphony
    the use of harmonious words to create an effect
  17. cacophony
    the use of inharmonious sounds to create an effect
  18. denotation
    the dictionary definition of something
  19. connotation
    the implied meaning of something
  20. illusion
    something that appears real but is not
  21. allusion
    a reference to a person, place or event
  22. onomatopoeia
    the use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning
  23. simile
    a comparison using like or as
  24. metaphor
    a comparison of unlike objects
  25. conceit
    an elaborate metaphor
  26. personification
    giving human qualities to objects or animals
  27. apostrophe
    a locution that addresses a person not present
  28. hyperbole
    gross exageration
  29. paradox
    a true but self-contradictory statement
  30. oxymoron
    elaborate paradox
  31. antithesis
  32. metonymy
    using the name of one thing to represent another
  33. imagery
    the use of words to represent things that can be seen, touched, smelled, or tasted
  34. symbolism
    the use of an object to suggest a hidden object or idea
  35. motif
    a unifying agent that conveys a theme
  36. lyric
    poetry with regular rhyme scheme and meter that reveals the poets thoughts and feelings
  37. narrative
    verse that tells a story
  38. satire
    a literary style used to make fun of an idea
  39. irony
    when the intended meaning is opposite from what is stated
  40. sonnet
    a 14 line verse form
  41. ode
    a respectful, lyric verse
  42. epic
    a long, narrative poem telling of an important hero
  43. haiku
    a verse form in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables
  44. dramatic monologue
    the speaker gives an account of a dramatic moment in their life
  45. ballad
    a narrative verse telling a story and is sung or recited
  46. epitaph
    a brief poem on a gravestone
  47. epigram
    a provocative statement
  48. elegy
    a poem glorifying a person's death; usually sung
  49. eulogy
    a speech in praise of a deceased person
  50. villanelle
    a french verse form consisting of 19 lines with prescribed rhythm and rhyme scheme
  51. limerick
    a form of light verse containing 5 lines with prescribed rhythm and rhyme scheme
  52. cinquain
    a stanza of 5 lines
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