*Military Awards (AR 600-8-22)

  1. What is the purpose of D.A. Military Awards Program?
    to recognize acts of valor, exceptional service, and acts of heroism not involving combat
  2. what is the highest peacetime award for valor?
    the soldiers medal
  3. what is an award?
    a decoration, medal, badge, or ribbon
  4. What is DA Form 7013?
    Certificate of Appreciation
  5. What is the highest award given by the Army in time of war?
    The Medal of Honor
  6. What is engraved on the reverse side of the Medal of Honor?
    The grade, name, and organization of the awardee are engraved on the reverse of the Medal of Honor.
  7. What is engraved on the reverse side of every Decoration or Good Conduct Medal other than the Medal of Honor?
    The name of the awardee only
  8. How many stars are on the blue silk shield that the Army Medal of Honor is suspended from?
  9. Who is the approving authority for the Medal of Honor?
    The U.S. Congress
  10. Who awards the Medal of Honor?
    The President of the United States
  11. What is the word inscribed on the suspension bar of the Medal of Honor?
  12. Whose profile is on the Medal of Honor?
    Minerva, the roman goddess of wisdom and righteous war
  13. Name the ribbon awarded to members of the US Army for successful completion of the Basic and AIT?
    The Army Service Ribbon
  14. What is the DA Form 2442?
    Certificate of Achievement
  15. What is the time limit for recommending an award?
    2 years
  16. How many "V" devices may be worn on a ribbon?
    no more than 1
  17. For what is the Good Conduct Medal given?
    after 3 years of exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity
  18. What three words are inscribed on the front of the Good Conduct Medal?
    Honor, Efficiency, and Fidelity
  19. Who is the approving authority for the Good Conduct Medal?
    The Company Commander
  20. who is the final approving authorities for the AAM?
    LTC and above
  21. To whom is the Purple Heart awarded?
    anyone military or civilian wounded or killed in action against an armed enemy
  22. What is the second highest award for valor?
    The Distinguished Service Cross
  23. What was the first medal awarded in the U.S. Army?
    the purple heart
  24. What was the Purple Heart initially awarded for?
    It was awarded for valor in the revolutionary war
  25. What is a DA Form 4950?
    Good Conduct Medal Certificate
  26. What decoration has George Washington's picture on it?
    The purple heart
  27. Who is the approving authority for the Army Achievement Medal?
    the BN commander
  28. What words are inscribed on the reverse side of the AAM?
    For Military Achievement
  29. What words are inscribed on the reverse side of the ARCOM?
    For Military Merit
  30. What is a Fourragere?
    A rope like device worn to signify the award of a foreign decoration
  31. When can a unit award be worn?
    When serving with a unit that received an award or if you were assigned to the unit when the award was assigned
  32. What DA Form is used to recommend / request an award?
    DA Form 638
  33. What Army Regulation governs Awards and Decorations?
    AR 600-8-22
  34. When was the Medal of Honor established?
  35. Why is the Purple Heart different than all the other decorations?
    you are not recommended for it, it is entitiled
  36. What are the three U.S. Army Combat Badges?
    • Combat Infantryman Badge(CIB)
    • Combat Action Badge (CAB)
    • Combat Medical Badge (CMB)
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