1. Beta Adrenergic Blockers (Beta Blockers)
    • Help lower blood pressure, pule and cardiac output.
    • Name end in "olol" (propanolol)
    • Side Effects: orthostatic hypotension, bradycardia, NV, diarrhea, mask hypoglycemia symptoms.
    • Nursing Care: monitor BP, pulse and rhythm, signs of edema, lung sounds, BUN & creatinine levels.
  2. Benzodiapines
    • Anticonvolsant and anti-anxiety
    • Name contains "pam", "pate" or "lam" all will contain "azo" or "aze" (diazepam).
    • Side Effects: drowsiness, lethargy, ataxia, depression, restlessness, slurred speech, bradycardia, hypertension, diplopia, nystagmus, NV, constipation, and urinary retention.  
    • Nursing Care: monitor respirations, liver function, kidney and bone marrow function.
  3. Aminoglycosides
    • anti-infectives
    • Interfere with protein synthesis of the bacteria, active agains most aerobic gram negative bacteria and some gram positive. 
    • Name ends in "cin" or "mycin" (streptomycin)
    • Side effects: ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, seizures, blood dyscrasia, hypotension, and rash. 
    • Nursing Care: history of allergies, I&O, VS during infusion, monitor therapeutic levels, signs of nephrotoxicity, peak and trough levels.
  4. Angiotension-converting enzyme inhibitors 
    (ACE inhibitors)
    • Treat primary and secondary hypertension by inhibiting conversion of angiotension 1 to 2. 
    • Names include "pril" (benazerpril)
    • Side effects: hypotension, cough, NV, rash, angioedema. 
    • Nursing care: Monitor VS, white blood cell count, potassium and creatinine and electrolyte levels.
  5. Phenothiazines
    • Antipsychotic and Antiemetic
    • Some used to treat psychosis in schizophrenia, neuroleptic and treat NV. 
    • Name contains "zine" (chlopromazine)
    • Side Effects: extrapyramidal effects, drowsiness, sedation, orthostatic hypotension, dry mouth, photosensitivity and neuroleptic malignant syndrome. 
    • Nursing care: protect medication from light, monitor liver enzymes and renal function and protect client from overexposure to the sun.
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